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No fried foods? What the hell?

I’m on the T-Dawg Diet - and I’ve got about 18 lb. of venison in the freezer, with a few pounds of bacon, and a few pounds of cheese.
And my veggies, of course.

Going along the whole “fried foods make you fat thing”:
How the hell am I supposed to prepare my venison and bacon without frying it? And does this mean I can’t fry my eggs either?

Nuke your bacon. Nuke your eggs after you stir 'em up with a little milk for scrambled eggs, or you can poach them. As far as your venison, how about my favorite standby – the barbeque? Or roast it, bake it. Hell, nuke it too.

I think they were referring to “deep frying” like French fries and fried chicken. But then I may be wrong. I like my eggs fried, poached, or hard-boiled in the morning. I’m not a big fan of bacon though, but I suppose you should fry your bacon? I don’t know how you can eat nuked bacon…wouldn’t it be too limp?

just broil your bacon in the oven.

Nah, depending on how long you cook it, you can have it nice and chewy, or cook most of the water out of it until it’s crispy.

clearly you are not an italian. if you were you would know to just throw some olive oil in that pan instead of butter or whatever else you use.

ever heard of a broiler? If not, then a George Foreman grill? Last resort- you CAN fry your bacon, just add a little water to the frypan (no oil) before putting in the bacon (hot pan). The fat from the bacon will be enough to cook it in. Hope this helps. SRS.

i never use oil, NON STICK pans. i fry eggs in them, i fry my bacon in them. no need for oil or butter.

Thanks for all the replies, guys. I’m at @ 9% bodyfat and trying to get rid of the last few percentages. I’d like to get to 7% before I start bulking. The fat is starting to get stubborn, though.
They may be talking about deep frying making you fat - I seem to remember some interview, maybe with Udo, saying that food should never be fried.

Deep frying is advised against because the high heat will generate trans fats in the oil and free radicals in the item being fried.