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No Food or Bad Food?


whould it be better to skip a meal or eat a bad one? i tend to skip but was looking for more insight.


What's your goal and what do consider to be a "bad" meal?


well due to a neck injury i have gain 30 pounds so i need to drop....30 pounds, and a bad meal would include any fast food any fried food or any bread.


if you miss a couple times a month,
i doubt it matters very much either way.
if you're missing more, frickn fix it will ya?!
why dick around looking for the lesser of 2 evils ?


I generally avoid fried food outside of an occasional cheat meal, but I think a lot of people get carried away when they say to avoid all bread and fast food. If you choose wisely, you can find fast food that not too bad.

However, it would be even better to plan ahead and always take food with you that fits within the dietary guidelines that you're following


Assuming the portions aren't through the roof, and the amount of time that has elapsed, I'd go with a snickers if the need arose.

Meaning if it was going to be 4 hrs till my next meal, I'd eat a snickers to at least prevent muscle breakdown.


Yeah, in this day and age, its hard to believe that you can't find something reasonably healthy to eat (Okay, if you live in a small town with only a McDeath and a greasy diner, you're up the creek).

I really think that if fat loss is your goal, you HAVE to eat every few hours. Missing meal is just going to encourage your metabolism to go all catabolic on your ass, and pack your next meal away as fat.

So, I would just scope out your options ahead of time, so if you are in a pinch you know exactly where to go to get a chicken sandwich or a bowl of chili or something.


Just the other day I was out and had no food with me. I ended up starting to get bloody hungry and I was getting dizzy.

I pulled up in this out of town shopping place and scanned the scene, McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, a greasy spoon diner and a petrol station that sold BLT sangars, mars bars and other crap.

I drove on found an Asda - Wal- Mart, went in bought a pint of organic milk, some apples and an large flapjack with relatively decent ingredients. So with a bit of improvisation and patience you can eat ok.


Your metabolism does NOT come to a screeching halt if you miss a single meal. Nor will you go catabolic all of a sudden.

But better be prepared and take a decent meal with you.


Correct, but it won't help things either, and why risk breaking down muscle tissue for energy.


This is retarded. What fast food restaurants don't have anything that someone dieting could eat? Possibly Popeye's Chicken is the only one. Mc Donald's, KFC, Wendy's and Burger King all have grilled chicken sandwhiches.


Honestly, if you intend to eat every 2-4 hours, there is no reason to miss a meal.

Plan ahead and pack whatever you need. Worst comes to worst, get some bars to carry with you(Metabolic Drive bars are great).

Hell, you can even eat decent at any diner
or fast food place.


Agreed. I would never skip a meal of it could be avoided. While this may not destroy progress in one occurance, if the concept is to simply let it slide when faced with the circumstance, soon it will be more than one. Your diet is even more important when dieting than when gaining. While gaining you have the benefit of a surplus of calories that can aid in anabolism. Your daily intake is of greater concern. When dieting, missing some meals can lead to much greater muscle loss.


Get 2 zip lock bags. Fill one with a few scoops of Metabolic Drive or Grow!. The other with some form of Greens Plus. Carry that on you where ever you go. Put it in a jacket pocket. You won't notice. Anytime you are about to miss a meal and buy a Big Mac, buy 2 bottles of water. Add and shake.

And yes, Metabolic Drive or Grow!. Not any other, because of the many powders I have tried, these are the only that mix well with just water and no blender.


i never leave the house without my nuts.


That makes six of us.


my fault when i said fastfood i was refering to the flightline kitchen, im in the air force and most of the time when lunch rolls around i have about 10 min to go get somthing and bring it back so i can keep working, but thank you for calling my post retarded .:slight_smile:


You're welcome. I'll be here all week. The lunch on base is largely crap if the goal is "dieting" and now I understand your situation. That means bring your own food.


thank you obe won.


dude, chicken salads are your friend. almost every fast food place has one.

i once went on a 2 day vacation, and ate 7 chicken salads throughout the trip.