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No Flag on Vets Day: Ca School



This is another non-issue I wanted to post because I'm just fear mongering and paranoid.


As an American hating liberal, this even bothers me.



So... This school doesn't want to upset the illegal immigrant mexicans so they are telling the american kid not to fly the US flag off the back of his bike?

wow are our priorities fucked up.



Ca is the leader in Liberalism. We will sacrifice everyone's freedoms to appease a few, who in this case are probably umm..."undocumented" to begin with.


Im so over the flag controversy. This is America: like it or leave it. No more appeasing certain groups. Since california is ultra liberal, because they are broke, because they support massive amounts of illegals, massive amounts of illegals stay there, so they stay broke. Someone needs to break the cycle and its not going to be the entitlement leaning left.


Yup, total fear monger.




This is insane. Why won't they ban Mexican flags on may 5th? It pisses me off that people come here, and want to live here, but hang other flags on thier car. They can be proud of where they come from, but we can't. No offense Rockscar, but screw California.


Wow that is fucked up.


Dude it's non issues....forget it.

Fucking register to vote next term.


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lol, will do my good friend.


Nice win America.

Good news, and shows that we can roar as a nation on the issues.

What is going to happen next cinco de mayo? Can he still fly his flag?


What the hell? This report said it was no his bike for almost 2 months, and they just now say something. It looks like the superintendent was hispanic, does anyone know?


Yes he is Hispanic.

I want to thank you people, and I mean YOU people. You see, the only reason the school went back on their decision is because the national media was picking this up. Here in California, anyone making a stink has much less power than someone from an outside group or news source inquiring about it. Because of the obvious absurdity, when you have national media groups poking their noses into this matter, it makes the school look really bad.

That kid is a hero, he has more balls than the average bowel movement walking the street.


Am I a racist if I say that those who don't want the kid to fly the American flag can just get the fuck out of the country?


If it does, then I am racist also.


Suck it Cali


I will admitt that this made me cry.


The California State Supreme Court ruled today, that illegal alien students can get the in-state tuition rate if they attended high school in California for 3 years and graduated. Imagine that, kids who are citizens and come from another state have to pay more money than illegal alien kids here. Fucking disgraceful.


Yep, heard today. You actually surprised? With 30% of our Mexifornians sucking the system, and 10-15% in unions, anyone other than the current liberal democrats will always lose our elections and influence. Even after we go broke and it's all gone, they would still vote the big D.