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No Feeling in Chest Workout!

This is driving me MAD!! Every time I have a chest workout, I leave the gym feeling that I coulda done more because it never feels as if I’ve worked my chest properly! I prefer using dumbbells rather than barbell exercises, for a greater ROM, but even so I normally end up feeling the exercises work my front delts or my triceps, not my chest…

The same goes for dips and crossovers- all the feeling is in my delts! Can anybody give me any tips or pointers? I try as hard as I can to keep good form whilst still lifting what I find heavy, but I never can get a proper chest workout…

start using a bar. look up drop sets.

start using a bar. look up drop sets.

Bench to the neck, use low weights. do flies and keep a big range of motion (just don’t hurt your shoulders). Use the pec deck, use a nice ROM again, great for pump at the end of the workout. Wide grip flat/incline presses in the smith, adjust your weight accordingly.

I feel lots of delts in DB presses as well. The exercises I have listed above are not a routine, don’t just add in all of them and do 3*10 or something. Experiment though, you should definitely be feeling your chest at the end of some of those. Don’t be scared of using the smith and wide grip, either.

OP probably just doesn’t tuck his shoulders back when he benches, and touch his chest with the bar.

just keep benching until you can at least hit 2 plates

il 2nd the bench to the neck version felt it in my chest the next day after doing it. also try partial rep pec dec flys like do one full rep then a 1/2 then a 1/4 so u get a lot of variation always works for me when i do about 10-15 reps on the pec dec

Do flies work your chest or delts? If they only work your chest you can do a pre-fatigue method (do flies, no rest, do db presses). Also squeeze presses are good. If you don’t know what they are just do a search. Also, using a really wide grip barbell bench press might help. Just experiment and see what works best for you.

do what sid and fletch recommended. Use of pre-fatigue can help you feel the muscle working, even though your working weights are reduced due to fatigue. Useful in this case though.

What works for me is to do one armed incline DB press. Just make sure you keep the weight steady and you aren’t flopping all over the place.

I found with DB presses I was keeping the weights close to my body on the downward and too close to the center of my chest on the top. Therefore getting more of a tri and delt workout. I tried to concentrate on keeping my forearms perpendicular to the ground with elbows almost perpendicular to trunk at the bottom and hands out 8-12" wider than shoulders at top.

I have very long arms(36")and I noticed a significant difference in my chest with this technique. I also went to wider grip BB presses. I keep the outside of my hands on outside edge of the grip, 2-3" from plates. (If any of this makes sense)

I have a similar problem with my bench training:

I cant get this feeling in my breast muscles when benching heavy like i get it when doing heavy squats! I dont even see a big progression in my bench press.