No Fat Lost in 5 Weeks

I’ve been doing low carb diet for 33 days and I have not lost a single pound. After 8 days I had dropped from 182 pounds to 177, but I quickly went back up to 182 and have beeen there since.

Typical day -

7am - Banana and 2scoops of whey
7.30 - workout
8.40 - whey shake immediately after
9.10 - 4 egg omlette + one gammon steak
11 - shake
12 - chicken
3 - meatballs
5 - shake
7 - beef burgers
10 - shake or cottage cheese

I take in between 2500 - 3200 calories per day.
Before I started eating low carb i was eating a pizza day and having 3000+ calories per day so i don’t understand why i’m not dropping any fat.

In these 5 weeks my squat has increased by 40kg from a one rep max of 110 to 150! my deadlift by 20kg and bench has stayed the same. I’m very happy with my increased lifts of course, and i have not felt drained or lacking energy.

I eat very high protein, minimal carbs, so try to also get as much fat in a possible.

i have not measured my body fat. i’mm just judging by looking in the mirror and how my clothes fit.

Any help would be appreciated.

Assuming you’re trying to lose fat, right?

You’ll need to eat less. Fat and protein calories still count as calories.

Also, note that a banana, and usually meatballs, aren’t really low carb.

Good job on increasing some of your lifts though.

i understand that a calore deficit is required for fat loss but i was eating a lot of processed food prior to these 5 weeks so kind of expected to drop a little fat once my diet cleaned up. though it just occured to me, my squats have increased a lot so my legs will be heavier so thats why the scales havent moved.

i only eat bananas prework, and the meatballs i get are pretty much all protein and fat.

i guess i just need to stick this out for a few months, should see a difference then.

i kind of have conflicting goals, im trying to lose fat yes, though i dont want to sacrifice strength gains as im still new to lifting. however, over the last 6 months i have put on a lot more fat than i shoulf have,

Are you keeping a food log and using some sort of diet-tracking software (or using the USDA site and a spreadsheet to keep track)? If you’re taking in 2500-3200 and were previously eating 3000+ - well, how much over 3000?

If it was around 3200 then I wouldn’t expect to see a big difference (because you’re still eating about that same amount). It really helps to keep track of everything day by day.

How tall are you, by the way? And are you doing any cardio?

I’m not keeping a food log at the moment, I will start today though.
i’m 5’7, and nope not doing any cardio though i do walk a lot each day.
thanks for your help, i’ll start a food log and see how things go for the next month or so.

Problem is, you’re not muscular enough to have a fast metabolism. That, and obviously you’re eating more than you need to lose weight.

But if you can only squat 330 lbs, what on earth are you doing cutting? You don’t have much muscle to “cut down” to.

Yep, you might learn interesting things when you plug all that into a log. I count 5 shakes a day. If it’s around 250 cal per shake, then you’re talking about 1250 cals. If the cuts of meat are large (or if you’re cooking them with butter/oil), then you could easily be eating maintenance level calories

Use the mirror more than the scale. If youre new enough to this it will be possible to add some muscle and drop a BIT of bodyfat. If your appearance in the mirror is improving that is good. Focus on getting stronger with a mostly clean diet. Do your cardio. Ride that out for as long as you can before you need to do something more drastic

started my food log today, will post again in a few weeks time to let you guys know how i’m doing. i’ve hit pr’s every session in squats and deadlifts for the past 5 weeks. i figured that right now im eating way too much to lose fat, but im gonna keep things as they are for now as my lifts are going up nicely. and i’ll use the food log to learn about my diet.

thank you for the help guys, it’s much appreciated!

just thought i’d say thanks to the guys that told me to start up a food log. it makes such a huge difference being able to see exactly how many calories, protein, carbs and fat i’ve eaten for the past month or so.