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NO Explode vs. Surge


Would someone be willing to explain to me why Surge is better than BSN's No explode products ?

I'm not advocating one or the other, but as I have been reading through the forums on here, I've found many loyal supporters of T-Nation products, but very seldom have I seen anyone explain why .. scientifically or otherwise .. the products on here are better than anywhere else. I haven't done a ton of research, simply because I just don't have the time right now.

I am running low on pre/post workout supplementation, and I just would like to get a few legit remarks about Surge, in particular, and maybe about T-Nation's post-workout blend as well.

Let me know what you guys think. Thanks



I'm beginning to think the mods should just ban threads asking about NO supps.


They are not even close in comparison or purpose of use.


They have nothing to do with each other.

Surge is a carb/whey blend for recovery post workout.

NO-explode is essentially creatine mono(even though they claim EE creatine on the label) and without sugar which should limit uptake. Plus caffeine.

The fact that BSN lies about what is in their product is more than enough for me to not take it.


Surge isn't advertised as a 'pump' product such as no explode.

Surge, rather, is a cutting edge formula of high glycemic carbs, proteins, and amino acids, in the right ratio to kick start the repair and recovery process of muscle after balls to the walls training.

If you're hitting the weights hard breaking down muscle fibers so that new stronger ones will be built then post workout nutrition is a pretty critical piece of the puzzle in furthering your gains.

If you're just hitting fifteen pound tricep kickbacks and 60 pounds on the lat pull down for a few reps you probably don't need Surge and can buy that other crap.



Surge is WAY better. Just look at it this way. While there are some positive effects on hormone levels from L-Arginine, and it can increase blood flow and vascularity, all of these mostly make for temporary gains. Surge will give you EVERYTHING you need to maximize your workout nutrition. Awesome amino acid profile, simple carbs, and a few other goodies. This will help you make permanent gains. Get Surge.

Sorry that everyone is pissed at you for posting something about NO, it's been a touchy subject lately.


maybe you meant Surge Workout Fuel? T-Nation doesnt have a post workout blend, that would be Biotest's Surge. So to be honest, your post confuses me. Comparing a pre workout supplement like BSN's NO Explode to Biotest's postworkout formula Surge doesnt make any sense. Clarify if you meant Biotest's per/peri-workout Surge Workout Fuel or post-workout Surge Recovery.


There is Surge Workout Fuel, and there is Surge Recovery for post workout...


I second this motion

it's pretty annoying


Wouldn't be as touchy if we didn't see a new post about it every other day.

Or you know if people actually used the search function, but I know that's sort of asking a lot.


If it's getting pretty annoying, then why the hell did you click on the link ? It clearly states what the thread is about.

And I'm sorry I didn't clarify, I was trying to have BSN products for pre-workout compared to the Surge Workout Fuel products offered on this site.

And to clarify again, I'm not advocating the use of NO explode. So for everyone that thinks that NO shouldn't be talked about .. why don't you give a fuckin legitimate reason why other products are better. Stop making lame ass assertions that you're not even backing up.

Thanks to those that actually care enough to describe why T-Nation's products are the best on the market .. that's all I was trying to get after ..




please pay attention.

Go to Supplement Articles

Look for:
NO2 / Arginine Scam - Part 1
NO2 / Arginine Scam - Part 2

This should explain why NO is hype.

hope that helps



Thanks, I plan on reading these articles over the next couple of days.

Have any of you actually used the Surge Workout Fuel ?


that makes a little more sense now. Read the articles that were linked to above me.

Other than that, I feel Surge Workout Fuel isn't needed by many here, unless your workouts are extended periods of time or you're doing some kind of metabolic work with weights


I concur.

I still use Power Drive most of the time.

Simple, cheap, efficient.

And I can take it after work, hit the gym, and still sleep afterwards.


I agree that no supplements are "needed," but Surge Workout Fuel is a good investment if you push yourself hard in training.

It's probably made a bigger difference for me than any other supplement that I've used, and I've used more than I care to remember.


You could also use the search function. I think there might be one two threads along these lines.


NO is just a crappy EGO stroking product,
for the heroes of the gym.
Surge is for the other people in the gym,
the rare ones who actually see improvements


My workouts don't usually last more than an hour and Workout Fuel has allowed me to work with the same weight that I worked with when I was not cutting and keep intensity throughout the workout. Could it be mental? Maybe. But I don't care...I've maintained my strength and stamina and I'm losing fat.


whether they actually help or not, it seems as though most pre-workout supps. at least have the placebo effect, like you seem to be hinting at. but that's good to know that you got some results from it.