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No Excuses


Well, came back for a visit. Haven't posted in a bit (9 months to be exact), but have been training on and off.

A lot has happened since then, I am now a Grandfather (Ava Madison born in October- absolutely gorgeous little girl)

Competed twice in 2011, my first 3 lift geared meet in Ottawa Canada- loved it... and did a push pull in New York City World Police and Firefighter Games... did great, and had a hell of a good time down there :slightly_smiling:

Still in the quest for raw 600 squat, 400 bench and 700 deadlift... getting there slowly but surely, I think 2012 will be the year. Correction, I am gonna make 2012 the year.

Been doing the Wendler 5/3/1 for some time now, and just switched over to the Big But Boring routine for a change. I know, I know... I drank the purple cool aid, but Wendler makes it so easy and painless.

No meets scheduled right now, I am looking at a push/ pull meet in March, haven't decided yet.


MILITARY PRESS (with a little push)
135 x 2 x 10
220 x 5
230 x 5
245 x 5 **(pr 5 pounds)

FLAT BARBELL BENCH PRESS (50% of training max)
185 x 5 x 10

Then I did medium grip pulldowns x 5 sets of 10, supersetted barbell curls (first time in about a year I have done a curl) with tricep cable pushdowns and cable face pulls x 5 sets.

Entire workout done in under an hour.


Good to see you Bunny. Your granddaughter is cute. And you're still strong as hell. I've been following the big but boring program on and off inbetween my random training. Glad you're back.


Where is the March push/pull you're looking at doing?

I'm glad to see you back.

Anything easy and painless isn't worth it :slight_smile:


welcome home Tiny


so tell me about this geared meet you did? anyway, glad you are back


Welcome back.


Welcome back.


Hi Bunny. Wow, what an adorable kid!


Thanks everyone :slight_smile:


Inquiring minds want to know...

And welcome back


Welcome back Bun. Thats a heckuva little girl youve got there!


welcome back- bigstuff

grandkid is the cutest - sorry to miss you in NYC - dang.


Yeah... she is some special...makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, I act like a big goofy fool when I am around her. heavy sigh

So, my first geared meet was pretty funny, and fun. I borrowed a shirt off of a buddy who ways in the vicinity of 330 pounds (I weighed around 275), so needless to say, it was a little loose and I was able to put the shirt on and take it off by myself, but it still gave me a little pop at the bottom.

I bought a single ply Titan squat suit... and it arrived about 10 days before the meet, so never having squatted in a squat suit before, I squatted 3 days in a row in the suit leading up to the meet just to get used to using one. Different animal all together, but must admit, I like it. With the suit on, I found that I needed a minimum weight of 530 pounds to break parallel. I had worked up to 585 pounds in the suit leading up to the meet pretty easy, so was I looking for a 600 pound squat as my 3rd lift.

So... I go to the meet. I am still not 100% confident with the squat suit, so the plan was to do the first squat raw at 455 pounds, just to get on the board... then put he suit on and go for the second squat at around 535... then go for the 600.

So, my first squat at 455 raw, walk it out, wait for the command, down... up... easy peasy... rack on command... red lights. WTF?? They said i still had a slight bend in my knees before racking. Great. So now what? Do I attempt the second lift raw... or say screw it and put the suit on without being on the board?

An experienced lifter was present, and advised me best to get on the board first if I was not confident with the suit. So, second attempt... 455... white lights... run down to the warm up room, and of course, now I'm sweating, trying to put this damn squat suit on, which I am sure you all know, is not an easy task when one is sweating. I finally managed to get the damn thing on, do a few warm up sets trying to get the damn thing seated properly... and they call my name, I'm up. So, out I go, 535 pounds, unrack, down I go... about 1 inch above parallel, and I can go no deeper. Fuck. So, I am paused down there for a good 3 seconds, I can see the spotters start to move in nervously, so up I come like a rcket... ridiculously easy and fast. Red light on depth. I am sure if I had another 30-50 pounds on there I could have broken parallel. Shit.

So... onto the bench portion... no drama... 355, then 375 and missed 390.

Then onto the deadlift, which I do raw. Again, no real drama. 585 opener, then 600... and then went for a PR at 640... no go. Total was 1425 pounds I believe, which is pretty damn sad seeing as I have had a total of 1480 raw, lol! Nonetheless, I had fun and it was a learning experience. I will definitely lift geared again in the future.

So, there you have it folks!


This the video of the 535 lb squat called on depth, as explained above.


see if it loads this time...


well, I go by the moto that it doesn't matter if you bomb out as long as you look cool and strong bombing. stupid I know but hell, you have some long sexy legs, that's a long way to depth in new suit


plus there's all those wierd maple flags around, how can you reach depth with those around?


They certainly fuck me up every time. The first meet I bombed was that venue he's lifting at. Good times :slightly_smiling:

Bunny, I hadn't seen that video.

Have you been working much in the suit since then? I think you should do a meet locally. There's one in London in May. You could always head back to Belle River.


lol! Thanks Pete,!

Julie, no, I have not been in the suit since that meet. I did the World Police and Fire Fighter games in New York in September, which is a raw meet and just push/ pull. Tokk some time off after the grand daughter was born in October... and have been kinda slummin' since.

I was looking at the push pull meet in March (10th) in Belleville, but the bride and I just booked a trip to Cuba and dont come back until the first week of March... so I don't think that is gonna work.

I tend to agree with you, perhaps the London one in May... or my nemesis in Belle River.


Sooooooooooooooo, you're missing for 9 months and then you mysteriously show up with a picture of a baby.

Is this something like a virgin birth only different???????