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No Equipment/Gym for 3 Months, What to Do?


Hey everyone a little background first:

I'm in college and am on break right now, and I start a job January 3rd where I will be working an average of 55 hours a week 6 days +. I also might be traveling and staying in hotel rooms for a number of days a week. Along with dining out numerous times.

Due to this I don't have my normal gym up at school, I went to places like planet fitness and no barbells/dead lifts doesn't really appeal to me so gym memberships while I'm at home are out of the question.

Because of these stipulations I figure why not go for a cutting period so I was wondering what programs or advice T Nation has to give me. And I hate to bring it up but is Insanity worth it? I can do pushups and lunges and all that along with some core but having a structured workout already in place sounds decent to me.

Sorry for the long read any advice would be welcome, and remember I need to be able to do this in a hotel room.



When I'm stuck without equipment I love to work on one arm push ups, pistol squats, pull ups, and sprint work. These has done great for me in terms of keeping my strength up and staying lean. If that sounds like something you're interested in just let me know and I'll post my typically weekly routine for that - I'm going to key west in January so I have to dig it back up anyways!


Ok let me think about it, the problem is I have no pullup bar and only way I'd have a treadmill is if it was in a hotel. The one arm and pistol are good variations I can add in to not bore myself thanks!


Buy a door pull up bar, $20 bucks, helps out a bunch.


x 2 - you can then attach some blast straps to it

Also buy an Ab wheel.....its small and portable


You could also look at some variations of pushups like planche pushups and what not, also you could add dips and maybe do some plyometric excercises


ok thanks everyone


Search "third world workout" at the top of the page....a great little series of articles for people in the same boat as yourself