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No Equipment Back Workout

Chest training without weights is easy, but does anyone have any novel ideas on back training without equipment?
What if there is nothing to chin from?

power cleans, bent over rows, reverse flyes, upright rows, shrugs, one armed rows, bench rows.

lay on your stomach and tighten your back so your feet and chest come off the ground…i think its called a superman…wrestlers bridges they may on may not help…bodyweight goodmornings…and hindu squats…the pulling motion you do with your arms replicates a rowing type movement

Pullups, sternum pullups, bodyweight rows (one arm, two arm), One arm pushups, side pushup variation CW came up with, Planks (various), Handstand pushups.

Get some power rings man. You’ll be straight.


Find something really heavy, bend over, pick it up, drop it, repeat. Theres a lot of back activites that can be done.

find something heavy you normally pick up with both hands and do it with one, then switch.

[quote]thebeach wrote:
What if there is nothing to chin from?[/quote]

Where are you? Are there no trees? No doors? No buildings? If you get creative, I’m sure you can find something to chin from.

Wile E Coyote is a chin master,