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No effect from Ripped Fuel

Just wondering if anyone has any imput as to why I may not be affected by Ripped Fuel. I have been on it for one week now and have been taking 2 pills 3 times a day, but yet I could take a dosage and take a nap a half an hour later, I get no boost in energy. Anyone have any idea why? Thanks for the imput.

If the ingredients are herbal (guarana, white willow bark etc…) then sometimes you get a weak batch. Ripped Fuel is pretty outdated. You might try MD6. I don’t think any of it is herbal. It’s fairly mild in the “energy” department (which is why I like it; I hate the shakes) but you’ll feel it.

I am like that too. Whether I take MD6, Adipokinetix, or a standard EC stack, I never feel an energy boost and can go to sleep immediately afterward. Coffee and sugar seem to have no effect on me either.

Ripped Fuel has an ephedrine free (Ma Huang (sp?)) version. No ephedrine, no kick. Check your bottle. If its not what you thought it was going to be, take it back and get the right bottle.

If you don’t feel an effect of any of these metabolism booster products it often means that your adrenals are shot.
Stay off the products for 8-10 weeks and see what happens. I believe that if you feel sleepy after taking these that it is indicative of real adrenal problems

Since you just started taking it, you should probably feel something more, but am I correct in thinking that the full dose for Ripped Fuel is 3 pills? If so, then you are getting 14-16 mg of ephedrine, which isn’t much to start with, and if it’s the herbal ephedra, it’s entirely possible that 1) your body isn’t fully breaking it down in your stomach, or 2) it’s a weak batch, which frequently happens with herbal ephdra. After a few weeks of using the EC stack, your body adapts to the “wired” feelings, and it won’t be as noticeable a stimulant–although the beta-adrenergic thermogenic effects will actually increase slightly over time. It could also be that you just aren’t sensitive to EC; I know that I am certainly not.