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No Effect from Jack3d


it doesnt work for me. first day i took one scoop, waited 45 minutes and lifted. nothing special happened. second day i took one scoop and i was actually kinda tired during the workout cause of not much sleep the night before. 3rd time i took it, i took 2 scoops and didnt even workout. and didnt feel anything... ?? today im gonna take 3 maybe. i feel like i wasted 44 bucks.


Ya some people do not get much out of stims, you may be one of them.

You also way overpaid for jack3d. $44? I hope you got two containers for that price.


completely empty stomach?
when was the last time you ate before you took it?


That is a bit irresponsible don't ya think. Just because he doesn't "FEEL" it doesn't mean that it is not doing something to his body. The "take more until you feel it" approach is ridiculous.


Yeah gkeeper, it's not like beer.


I also get nothing from DMAA. Most stims, for that matter, have little effect on my perceived energy levels. The one stim I will use at certain times is the ECA stack, but I use it only for the appetite suppression effect. You may just be one of us who simply isn't very sensitive to stims.


When I can 'feel' the stims I always have a poor workout.



I've taken 6 scoops of Jacked and took a nap. I don't respond to any stims at all


Empty stomach, sometimes i don't 'feel it' but my workouts always seem better. the first few times i got itchy ears and lips from the beta alanine but it soons wears off.


I took 6 scoops with some monster, wow what a horrible idea


@ Everyone not responding to stims

It would be worth checking your cortisol levels IMO. I used to respond to stims great always had good work outs then I stopped responding out of no where. Turns out my adrenals went to shit and my cortisol is in the bottom 1%.

Diurnal cortisol kit would be best but normal morning cortisol can give some insight too.


Have you managed to restore adrenal/cortisol..? If so; do you respond to the stims again? Did the Dr. offer any ideas on why your system crashed?


did you ever figure out if it was your adrenals or pituitary? i think the adrenal fatigue "gurus" are missing the boat on true diagnosis. i saw a video disclaiming that the adrenals themselves are fatigued, and its more of a pituitary problem where the body isnt telling the adrenals to make cortisol. kind of like the pituitary not telling the testes to produce testosterone.


@ Blue

No adrenals still low. Probably just a combination of being hypothyroid, dieting for too long on very low cals, too much fasting and too much fasted training while using a decent dose of stims. Oh, and the fact that my doctors waited over a year to give me thyroid prescription so my adrenals had to kick in and do the extra work that my thyroid wasnt.

I havent really tried any stims for the last two months. I had my first cup of regular coffee in a long time around 430 pm and it kept me from falling asleep like I usually do around 6-630. So the only thing I can imagine is the caffeine made the difference as a few months ago 300mg caffeine + DMAA wouldnt do anything.


That's a possibility and I am getting a pituitary MRI done soon just BC they like testing everything but it isnt very likely. The majority of people with cortisol issues really do just have run down adrenals and some time on Hydrocortisone gets them up and running (taken from what threads I've seen).

If the pituitary really is the issue then the only solution is Hydrocortisone for the remainder of life and most dont end up needing that.

Also I saw a post where Crisler was referring to a vast majority of his own clients its "important to 'prop' patients up with HC while they're working on other things as well". I am making my own conclusions, but from that Im assuming eventually he takes his own patients off HC.

I asked my old Dr for a ACTH stimulation test but he said he saw no need... Not that he hasnt been wrong before.