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No DOMS with i,Bodybuilder


Ok so im up to Chest with the i,Bodybuilder program.
I happen to miss like a few days last week. When i got back to the gym i desided that ill restart with the actuall program next week, but for today i would do "my own shit". So i did a chest and tri workout and a bit of shoulders. I was doing the traditional 6-12 reps for hytropaphy.
Next day and day after i had the worst DOMS.
Im thinking why doest i,Bodybuilder not give me DOMS?!
I always thought the rep range was quite low. Does anyone care to explain.
Thanks in advance.


Don't know why it doesn't cause DOMS, but the question is, does it really matter?


Less volume typically equals less DOMS.



i literally laughed out loud when i read that word. thanks.


"I was doing the traditional 6-12 reps for hytropaphy." WTF Man?! What are you trying to say?


less volume for sure and maybe less time in the eccentric phase than your 'traditional' program consists of.


Ive probably read the word a million types and said the word a million times but i still cant spell it :stuck_out_tongue:

Hypertrophy! hi-per-trofy



Well shouldnt it?
This is more of a strength orientated program them.
Yes strength increase, in the long run, leads to hypertrophy.
Why so little emphasis on eccentric phase and volume?


I had some tendon soreness when I started, but that was down to putting more force through them than they were used to.


Because you're assuming DOMS means you broke down your muscles and that will lead to results. However that is not the case. You can have all the DOMS you want and it won't mean shit in regards to results. I could take a golf club and beat you all day. I'd do serious damage to your muscles. But will that lead to HYPERTROPHY? No. Its not the damage (and therefore soreness) that gets you results. Its Progressive Overload that does.

So stop focusing and worrying that a given program doesn't lead to DOMS. You're just gonne waste your time if you do.