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No Difference in 100 vs 150mg


I have felt no difference using 150mg T cyp ( 2x 75mg week ) I adjusted my anastrozole also . My total T was 590 on 100mg - guess that is my sweet spot .


How long have you been on the lower dose?

Since I've lowered my dose to 100mg/wk, I've lost 3-4 lbs. My appetite has gone down with the lower T dose. I feel ok most of the time. Overall I felt better on the higher dose(more energy). But my estrogen symptoms aren't as pronounced. I haven't lost strength yet, so I don't think the weight loss is muscle. But, I don't appear to have lost fat either.


I was on 150mg / week for a month - I settled on 120mg week - with 1.25 mg Anastrozole weekly - I feel good so I will stay on this dose