No Detectable Risk From Mercury In Seafood, Study Shows

NOTE: This article is about 5 years old. Wondering if anyone has come across any follow-up studies, either complementing or rebutting this study?

[i]ScienceDaily (May 16, 2003) �?? An exhaustive study of 643 children from before birth to 9 years of age shows no detectable risk from the low levels of mercury their mothers were exposed to from eating ocean seafood, according to a study in the May 16 issue of The Lancet.

Children born to mothers-to-be who ate an average of 12 meals of fish a week �?? about 10 times the average U.S. citizen eats �?? showed no harmful symptoms.[/i]

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“Scientists estimate that about half the mercury in the Earth and its atmosphere originates from natural sources such as volcanoes, and about half comes from man-made sources.”

ah we humans are sure good at destroying everything we need for survival

I used to eat moderate amounts of fish. Progress in the gym was slow so I decided to do a whole bunch of tests. One of the tests was a heavy metals test. My mercury level was SIX TIMES what is considered safe (when it comes to mercury there is no such thing as a safe level - it is the most toxic non-radiactive material known to man).

As you can imagine I removed all fish/seafood from my diet and had my four small amalgam fillings removed.