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No Decent Gym in Quincy!!??


I moved to North Quincy, MA, about a month ago and I still cannot find a good job within a 20 minute driving radius. All I want is a decent gym with equipment that isn't falling apart, with enough squat racks and free weights.

So far I've checked out the following:
Super Fitness in Quincy, filthy, cardio machines are 20 years old, and there are about 150 machines (seriously), and only 2 squat racks!!!

Planet Fitness in Quincy and Dorchester, surprisingly nice, but company policy they can't have squat racks, only smith machines...ugh

Quincy athletic club/YMCA, I haven't even bother going to these because between what I've heard from friends and read online you need a tetanus shot after each workout.

I even ventured a half hour to bay shore in Braintree, which has plenty of free weights, but I spent half my workout trying to find usable equipment and weights. I swear they get all their free weights at yard sales and mix and match.

I seriously don't know how people work out like this! Especially 10 minutes outside a major city. Can anyone reccomend a decent gym within 20 minutes of North Quincy that costs under $40/Month?




I worked out at a gym like this a few times when I was in Ukraine. It definitely makes you enjoy a well kept gym.


Who cares if the machines are old.. As long as their working you're still going to build muscles right?

Some of the pros like Branch Warren and Ronnie train at gyms with "crappy" equipment.


Bay State Gym in Scituate.


Scituate is even further than braintree lol. And I knew as soon as I posted this someone was going to say TPS...everett is on the other side of boston so its an hr train ride or prob an hr in traffic unless I hit it just right, not reasonable.


That's right all the damn construction and shit on 93 fucking up traffic. My bad.


Is there a Boston Sports Club where you are? I use them, been satisfied.

I need to get over to TPS someday....I live in North Allston so it'd be about a 20 minute drive. It's just tough to justify when BSC is literally 3 minutes from where I live


He said under $40/month. BSC at min is at least $60 but if he's a student then they work a deal out with you but you have to go during off peak hours. BSC would be awesome but the price is brutal.


Thanks for the heads up on the student discount at BSC, but they only allow that for kids up to 22...I'm 23, I guess guys on the 6 year plan are supposed to be fat and weak haha. O well, I ended up checking out Quincy Sports Club because I saw they're having a $10/month special. Turns out it's a locked in rate, and for the size of the gym they have a decent amount of benches and squat racks so I decided to give it a try. I'll try to post an update once I put some time in there.


So I've been at Quincy Athletic Club (QAC) for a few months now and I have to say, it's great for the price. I signed up while they were having a summer special. I think it was around $50-$70 to sign up, but now it's only $10/month (I think it's usually $20), and an annual $10 fee. They have a basketball court you can use for an extra $10/month, but they have classes in there most the day so I didn't bother paying to use it once/week.

This being said, $130/yr is dirt cheap for any gym. QAC is a pretty basic gym, not huge, not tiny. The thing that I've been most impressed with is that it never seems crowed (if you've ever been to Super Fitness in Quincy you know what I'm talking about). There are plenty of ellipticals, treadmills, and a few bikes. My favorite part though is the weights section. They have the machines separate from the free weights so people serious about weightlifting don't have to feel like they're going to be scorned for trying (damn Planet Fitness!). Although they have 2 smith machines, which I'm pretty sure the government mandates every gym has, why the F*** else would you have one...they do have 2 power cages and 2 squat racks. They also have 4 bench presses, 2 more inclined. They also have a ton of dumbbells.

The only thing I don't like about the place is the pull down and cable machines have cheap feeling attachments, and not a lot of variety among them. If you like doing many different lat pull down and row variations, this isn't your place.

Overall it's a great gym for the price, nothing flashy or in mint condition, but they don't discourage lifting things up and putting them down...It's a friendly environment, but not Planet Fitnessy, and you won't have 50 guys staring at you because you're not doing a traditional dead lift (Super Fitness aka the dungeon). I'd strongly recommend this place. I'd give it a B . Not the kind of place I'd want to be forever, but for the price it's worth sticking to for a few years.


Just a quick FYI... if you're in MA, I'm assuming you have health insurance.
Pretty much every carrier I have come across, gives you an annual gym membership allowance.
I've got one of the most basic plans you can get.. and it still re-imburses me $240/yr.
Just something to look into.