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No Deadlifts?

Hello everyone.

I have a bulging disc injury and everytime I try to deadlift I seem to really irritate it. I’m almost sure it’s due to poor flexibility and poor form. I want to leave them out of my training unless I find someone in my area who is willing to teach me deads with good form. My back health is more important to me and I really don’t want to risk my ‘lifting career’ because I stubbornly kept on doing that exercise.

Now, since EVERYONE on this board is doing deadlifts (or at least, I get that impression;)) … Is it possible to achieve a massive back/fysique without them? What’s the best substitute for deadlifts?

I had issues when doing squats as well, but I really don’t want to leave those out to I replaced them with front squats. Feel a lot better on the back and I’m able to go deeper, too.



Advice should only be taken if you got the ok from your doc to lift

For now try cable station pullthroughs, back extensions, one leg back extensions, and light stiff leg deads. On the back extensions, keep your back straight and tight, shoulders back, move through the hips, and don’t hyperextend your back at the top of the movement. Pullthroughs are pretty much the same movement, but you’re using a cable station and rope attachment for resistance. Same deal (abs tight, shoulders back) on stiff leg deadlifts, but with a slight bend in the knees. On all movements, remember to squeeze your butt cheeks.


Read Mike Boyles stuff. He does not have his athletes deadlift.