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No Deadlifts In Quatro Dynamo?

I’ve herard a lot of good stuff about Quatro Dynamo, but there are no deadlifts, which are my favorite exercise.


Should i add deadlifts? Or just stick to the workout regime? Is Quatro Dynamo What it’s cracked up to be?

I’m looking to get hyoooge…:slight_smile:

Hopefully C-Dub can jump in here, but QD is one of the most effective workouts I have ever done in the last 12 years! I love the varying intensities/loading parameters. To be able to go super-heavy, super-light, and then medium all in the same training week and fun and refreshing. It covers such a wide loading scheme that you are sure to stumble upon some new hypertrophy without getting bored or injured at the same time.

As far as the DL’s go, I would recommend taking a break from them if you have been hitting them for longer than 12-15 weeks. Maybe the squat is just what the doctor ordered as far as a size burst. If you use a slightly wider stance and try to keep the knee behind the toes, back as vertical as possible, I think you will find that your post-chain will get smoked! You’ll be doing lunges on your speed day which really are a single-leg deadlift, semi-isolateral anyway.

If you can’t get into the heavy squats than I don’t think substituting in the DL will negatively effect you. But, beware because you are scheduled to hit leg curls opposite the squats, which in your case means DLs and leg curls back to back! OUCH! Since squats are generally quad and not hip dominant you might want to lighten up on the leg curls, place them at the end of day 1, or cut them out completely.