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No Deadlifts Due to Wrist. Suggestions?


I can’t deadlift due to a wrist injury. It’s about 85% better but I’m waiting for 100% to go back to deadlifts (every other movement is fine except push-ups) because deadlifts hurt it the most. Deadlifts are my favorite lift and I feel like an all-around better person when I do them (higher energy, better appetite, stronger, etc.) I will definitely get back to them but I want to wait so I don’t mess things up even more.

What can I do to continue to build strength in the posterior chain? I’m mostly interested in glute/hamstring development as my back and grip are my strongest muscle groups from rock climbing. Has anybody had to avoid deadlifts for a while and found success using other exercises? It’d be great to get back into deads at the same weight I left off if at all possible.


Chain suspended good mornings with starting torso angle similar to deadlift will carry over incredibly well. Use a safety squat bar if you can’t grib a barbell, or do it zercher if you have to.


Can you use straps? How about romanian deadlifts with straps? Lighter weight but still hits the posterior chain and you can do multiple sets of higher reps.


Check out this too


Pull throughs from low cable really concentrating on a good stretch and then strong glute contraction at the top. (Can use variety of grips with the rope so should find a comfortable one)

hamstring curl machine, using 1 and half rep technique. Curl in, lower half way, pause and then curl in again, lower fully. That’s 1 rep, concentrate on really controlling the weight. Sets of 10-12.

Lower Back machine or raises depending on what’s available.

I’ve really neglected deadlifts for about 5 months, but instead have done the above, I’ve put some quality mass on my hamstrings and glutes, leg size overall has been my main focus and they have certainly grown. I have absolutely no doubt I will be breaking pr after a few weeks back on the deadlift.


All points noted. They will be experimented with. Thank you.


If just one wrist is bad, why not pull with the good arm?

In addition to what they guys have said so far, I’d go for reverse hypers (a Swiss ball on a bench can work in a pinch) and glute bridges/hip thrusts.