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No Deadlifting

I’ve gone to this gym for almost a year. I go at different times of the day depending on my work schedule (Mon-Sat). I HAVE NEVER SEEN A SINGLE PERSON DO DEADLIFTS!! What da fuk? And you should see the stares I get doing exercises like the reverse hyperextension, one arm deads, etc. Now that I think of it I have seen only 2 people in the gym that are big and muscular (one of which I’ve only seen once, probably stopped in for a quick workout). This is a large gym too. So weird.

agreed so few people do these or train properly for that matter, but typical of course because if the majority of people did it you could bank that it wasn’t effective. Although you think you get weird looks doing deads& reverse hypers, try some of the more odd lifts like turkish get ups, bent presses.

Ive only seen one person ever in the gym that i thought knew how to lift.

It’s the same at my gym. But personally I enjoy being able to monopolize the deadlift platform for an entire workout; no one ever asks to use it.

I don’t deadlift because I find that it’s an inefficient way to train for it (for me anyway). I do olympic lifts & pulls for deadlifting strength. (see Andy’s Old School Forum for about 3 recent posts about this). Is that what you mean or are you saying nobody’s hardcore? Deadlifts are at least the 2nd hardest lift for someone to do (guess the other one), so I say it’s no surprise that the average wannabe doesn’t do them.

Jordan, seeing their expressions ranging from shock
to bewilderment to absolute horror while I’m doing one of my insane deadlifting routines or some intense
barbell hacks…makes it all worthwhile!!!

Aside from me, I have seen one other guys do deads. He was doing way too much weight, had a bend in his knees that never got past 15 degrees, used a rounded back, and wore a weight belt somewhere around his upper abs/lower rib cage. Hey, at least there is no competition for a place to do deadlifts. Come to think of it, I never seem to have trouble getting on to the one power rack or the one squat rack we have in our gym.

When I do my last set with my max. weight I start to yell as I am lifting it up. Sometimes I even swear at the top of my lungs to help me get a few nore reps. That usually gets a few looks :). When I used to train, before I started getting a bit more educated, I never even heard of deadlifts. But since I started using them I can see that they are an excellent way to build density in my back. I think the average “Joe” is just not very educated about how to train. If you want to hear some really weird stuff ask them what they eat, or better yet, watch their faces when you tell them how much you eat.

Whew…glad my gym isn’t the only one. Or maybe not glad. Anyway, the gym has a sign pasted to the counter where you sign in that says, “No Grunting!” No grunting? LOL!! They should have another sign next to it that says, “NO MUSCLE HYTROPHY!”

Sorry for the ranting.


Note from Mod: No need to scream.

Try doing O-lifts in a “beautiful people” gym. That, followed by full, ass on the ground squats is good for some slack jaws and puzzled faces.

It cracks me up, there are al these “BIG” guy wearing their stupid weight belts thinking they are the shit. Then hey see me deadlift 335 and squat 355 and they scatter like roaches. I only weigh 160 on a good day., where as they are over 200.

yeah i work out at my school gym (USC) and i think i’ve only seen one other person ever do regular deadlifts (though i’ve seen many do straight leg deadlifts, and even these people aren’t that many compared to the number that come into the gym). so when i do deadlifts, i notice people watch me…i can only pull 275 for 6 sets of 4 reps (i weigh just under 160), but most people think that is a lot of weight. i tell everyone now to do deadlifts. i’ve only been doing deadlifts seriously now for maybe 4-6 months (i’ve been training two years), but i’ve improved quite a bit and feel stronger in general. i love doing deadlifts, even though they are killer.

Why deadlift, when you can do a really tough exercise like lat pulldowns. It’s actually quite a joke to see people doing set after set of lat pulldowns, without ever attempting a pullup or doing any sort of deadlifts.

Thought this would be a good place to ask, when deadlifting, do you people generally squeeze your shoulder blades back right at the start of the movement before you begin to execute the lift or do you do it during the lift, or even at the end of the lift? What is the best way to recruit muscle in the upper back?

You should set the shoulder blades back and down prior to starting the pull. If you let the shoulder blades start the lift prior to retracting, there is more of a tendency to round the back.

Well, quite tellingly, all of the big guys at my gym deadlift (though not all of them do it year round). Fancy that.

Maaaan, so my gym isnt the only one that is filled with pussy’s. Guys, i have been training at this gym for the last 2 years and i have not ONCE seen anybody Squat in the squat rack!!! INCREDIBLE, i’m the only one that does, i bet everyone else wouldnt have a clue what it is. In fact i think i have only seen about 4-5 people (including me) that squat using a free barbell, other people that do squat (very very rare) always do it on the smith machine. As for Deadlifts, well, apart from me i have only seen 3 people do them. In 2 years, what is this world coming to?

Wow you deadlift and Squat over twice your own bodyweight, with no weight belt?, then i must go ahead and assume you have a big scary shredded six-pack as i do?, I love seeing the big guys at my gym go through there whole workout never even considering ditching the weight belts and letting their abs do their god given duties, It’s awesome to hear another anti-weight belt lifter, I’ll race you to 500

I accept your challenge. Kick some ass brother!!!