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No Days Off?


Hey all so I'm switching to a 5 day a week routine one body part a day etc. I was wondering if anyone has done it to where they do not take two days off and just repeat after the 5th day? If so how were your results? For example Mon: Chest, Tues: Back, Weds: shoulders, Thurs: Arms, Fri: Legs, Sat: Chest, etc.


Nutrition dialed in, you good.

Nutrition not dialed in?
You fucked.


^ Correct.

I've had quite a few stints of prolonged periods of lifting without days off. Be smart about it. Eat like a goddamn beast, and you'll be set.


You can make anything work. You just need to see how your body recovers and make adjustments from there.

You can tailor your training to fit any schedule. Training with higher frequency you need to be careful with how often you train to failure, use forced reps, intensity techniques etc., because you have less time to recover between workouts.

I take 3 days off from the weights per week, but box on my off days.

However I have lengthy training sessions that hit multiple body parts, so every muscle is hit 2-3 times per week and I am making great progress.


Haven't taken a day off in a few weeks actually. You can't do crazy drop sets and eat like a bird and pull it off but if you're smart about then I don't see any reason why not.


only ONE leg day?!


I don't have experience with training like this, but I can't imagine that there would be any real added benefits over the traditional 5 day split with 2 rest days or at least 1. Rest days prevent overlap (i.e. going into chest day with sore shoulders/tris) and help to maintain a certain level of intensity week after week. If you are using compound movements and heavy weight, these rest days become especially important for your joints, which are often overlooked.

If a higher frequency is what your after, why not just perform an upper/lower split at 2x per week?


I trained 7 days a week for a long time with decent progress. In my opinion that approach works best for really splitting things as much as possible eg: quads & calves, hams & calves, arms, back, chest, shoulders then you have a day free to either hit something twice or train everything every 6 days instead of 7.


IF I'm training every day, without a day off, often times I can only handle 1 leg day per week, if not every 8th day or something. I won't say this is universal, as lately I was hitting one every 4th/5th day, so it probably depends on what a leg day looks like for a particular person. That being said, I don't understand why you would make mention of this.


Seems like one of his normal comments that are not constructive at all.

I was on a 4 day split for a long time with no rest days. I would just repeat the cycle on day 5. Plenty of gains in strength and size. But like others have said nutrition needs to be on point. You cant be eaten on a large deficit and doing this.


If you can handle it physically, then make sure you can handle it psychologically. I read and was told that ab off cd off ab off cd off, etc. with over 25 sets was too much- its not until i persuaded myself that i did this because i needed the constant endorphins to deal the issues at that time- is when i saw results, and it became a routine tailored for me.

Personally, i would mind-block myself from training everyday. If I were to try it, i might do it for 2 weeks, and switch it up. If it keeps you amped and excited, then i dont see overtraining if you still have that constant drive throughout the week.


Depends on your diet, natural recovery abilities, training volume...

When offseason, I can train every day, usually a 4 day rotation for several weeks without a break so long as I'm eating well. Prep mode is different, as the stress on your body from getting less nutrients than your body wants starts you off in a different place than if your needs are being met.

In the past, I've actually done 7 days a week, with a 6 day split (2 leg sessions), and made gains. At my age, it speaks to the importance of diet to support your training.



I tried ten days straight once, on a five way split. I took a day off after my strength declined on day nine. I think it is possible to train every day, but I was very busy at medical school on those days, so it was difficult to get enough rest and food. If your schedule isn't too hectic, and you can get enough calories in, then I think it may well be workable. Ultimately, it's about finding what works for you.


I did it for a month earlier this year. Very doable as long as you eat enough, sleep enough, and listen to your body. Listening to your body might not necessarily mean taking an off day, but you might want to hit a different muscle group if the one you planned on hitting doesn't feel adequately recovered.


Doable, but totally unecessary



Assuming recovery is good, why train any less than you can physically manage?


Do able if recovery is in order, i.e. diet/sleep.


K I'm down, thx for the great feedback everyone.


I've trained that often and one leg day was all I could handle.

How light do you train legs?



The "stay out of the gym more so you can grow" crowd quit growing.