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No curling in the squat rack

Hey guys…a month or 2 ago I saw on the net a video that was freaking hilarious…

some loser was curling in the squat rack, then this guy hits him with a 2x4 grabs the bar and starts squatting…Drowning Pool “Bodies” was playing in the background…

Anybody seen it…I am trying to find it again…so I can save it this time

i put it on here but its been a long time ago and the board i got it from is no longer in service.

I saved it, if someone can tell me how to post it to the board.

How about you just take PMs with e-mail addresses, and you can send it to whomever wants it?


Thank you Goldberg…I have been going crazy trying to find it…you are awesome!!!

I’d like to see a poster made that features a guy curling in the squat rack with bin laden spotting him and the caption “When you curl in the spot rack, you train with bin laden.” Kind of like those old war propaganda posters “when you drive alone, you travel with Hitler.” Patricia, how about it, you’re good at that sort of thing. We can make t-shirts.