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No Cues in the Deadlift?

Before I perform a deadlift I don’t have any technical cues, all I think really is getting the weight up. When I squat I always try to remember to keep my chest up, lift with the entire foot and keep the elbows underneath the bar; bench press elbows tucked in, keep the arch, feet stable and shoulders burried in the bench.
Yet with the deadlift, which is my strongest lift, before I perform it I have nothing to think about instead all I care is make the bar move upwards.
Is this normal or should I see me deadlift and find the issues and try to remind how to fix them before I pull?

try “stand up”

It is ok if your form is good and you’re progressing.
Some cues: Chest up, heels on the floor, shoulder blades down toward pockets(for better lats engagement), hips forward (when bar approaching knees level)

I don’t use any cues in my lifts. As was mentioned above, as long as it’s working, it’s working.

I like to imagine my spine is a metal rod that won’t move for anything, and it helps keep my form in check. As the weight got heavier, I would always tend to begin rounding once I passed the knees, but now it’s all smooth and I can focus on actually pulling the weight at this time. Also, hip drive. This is what helps me.

Video yourself to see if you have any deficiencies, then come up with cues to correct.

Thank you guys, will certainly take your tips in consideration next time I deadlift.