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nonamerican, (note uncapitalized letters)your criticism is hilarious. I can guess that you are from a Northern European country. I’m guessing Sweden or Denmark. You are afraid to admit that your country owes it’s very existence to the United States. I am guessing that we directly/indirectly saved you from facists/communists and other dictators.
Fellow posters, please join me in telling nonamerican what you think of his criticism. Please answer each one of his reponses with the initials, wcayf: “What country are you from?” Until he/she does this, do not respond to his/her little jibes. By the way, nonamerican, if you lie about your nationality, I hope you realize that you are a coward.

I’m guessing from some of his/her spellings and vernacular that he/she is from an English-speaking country that was or is part of the British Commonwealth. Just a guess though.

Right on EggNog. From my posts to n.a. (hey, I like that!), you know how I feel. That’ll be my response.

He really is pathetic, isn’t he? I like your idea, EggNog. I’m with you.

What country I come from is inconsequential.

Instead of addressing my arguments, you simply want to insult my country. Well, too bad for you.

No, Non-American, when 2 people are having a face-to-face conversation, each person has a general sense of where the other person is coming from. On the Internet, however, unless you declare what your situation is, no one has any way of knowing. I, and many others who have been debating with you, have told you that we’re Americans. It happens to be our country that you’re attacking, and doing so in such a way as to paint us all with the brush of all our nation’s past wrongs. If THAT’S what you’re going to do to US, we reserve the right to do so to YOU. Knowing where you’re from puts your arguments in CONTEXT. There is a reason you’re not willing to tell us, though: it’s MUCH easier for you to hide in the bushes and take pot shots at someone from a distance than it is for you to get in that person’s face and take a swing at them, mano a mano. I don’t see why it would be so hard for you to reveal where you’re from. Until you do, your arguments holds virtually no weight in ANYONE’S mind, because you’re acting like a child in the peanut gallery. Until you decide to “show yourself,” for lack of a better term, you are a COWARD.

Didn’t he say: “Yeah, I’m not fond of America, or even a couple things from my own country’s past, but South Africa really shouldn’t point fingers when it comes to oppressive nations…”? If so, I can’t wait!

No, no. Here is the answer…

“By the way, I am from Canada. Bring it.”


I agree with all you guys (great post Damici!), but I have to ask n.a. – you’ve insulted our country, why be so sensitive about our observations about yours? Hmmmm?..

 Oh would you stop fuckin crying already? It's all been said and done. Would somebody please wack this fuckin moron in the head and show him how to man up? 
 We're the U.S. Everybody hates us. Get used to it. You dont see US crying about it do you? We're the ones sending our brothers over to YOUR country to shed THEIR blood for YOUR goddamn cause. Still, you don't see us whine about it. We do what needs to be done, when needs to be done. Can you take a lead and man up? 

I totally agree with you diesel. It burns my ass deeply when other countries flame us, but sure as hell take our billions of dollars in aid. The U.S. gives millions to every country (except rogue states), it blows my mind.

Sent soldiers to my land to defend me?

Both times you've sent soldiers here, we killed them. The second time, we burned the whitehouse.

As for European history and bragging about 'single-handedly' winning world war 2, we declared war on Germany 10 days after he invaded Poland (bare minimum time for the government to pass a bill). Where were you? Something about, "it's not our war!" In both world wars, the US didn't even get involved until they themselves were threatened or attacked.

Now you expect Europe and the world to jump on the US war bandwagon as if you're all the best of friends.

How about one of the moderators traces his IP and reveals where the pussy is from?

Ummm…I guess he’s British. He mentioned “burning the White House.”

Non-American already told us he is Canadian. It’s in the “USA, USA, USA” thread.

I actually had the same conversation with a Canadian who thought they had attacked the US and burned the white house. Turned out it was the British because Canada was not a Country at the time. So he could be another deceived Canadian. Brought up on Canadian propaganda.

Non-american is Canadian which is obvious by his historical reference. He does not in any way speak for all Canadians and while our prime minister has been a pussy in declaring which way our country will go when the U.S attacks Iraq, I have no doubt we will give what little military support we have.

I’d give nonamerican a little more credit if he was from a European country. The fact that he’s Canadian makes his posts even more ridiculous considering the fact that Canada is essentially part of the US. It’s hard to imagine a less significant country than Canada. By the way, I was born in Toronto. Nonamerican, you said that your country declared war on Germany before the US. Fine, but now you think it’s wrong for us to declare war first in another conflict. So which way is right? Stick to what you know best; figure skating, making snowmen, and riding our coattails. You’ve benefited greatly by doing that so far, why change it.

No, no. The USA attacked us without reason. The French, Natives and some British Canadian colonists, with an army about 1/4 the size, defended our country quite easily (they attacked in winter, the fucking morons) and counter-attacked to occupy Michigan and burn the white house. War of 1812.

Although from American kids I talked to in the states, they only learn about the French-Indian war of 1812. As for the one between the USA and "Britain", they were told that they won.

Yep. 'Cause the white house burning and agreeing to truce in exchange for getting an entire state back sure is winning a war. Hahaha.

I cannot honestly believe that a Canadian is talking trash about a war from 200 years ago. You’re nothing but an ill-intentioned shit stirrer and have no business here.