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no colored liquids allowed!!!!!

there are no colored liquids allowed at my school fitness center because supposedly people can put steroids in them. I kid you not! They made me drink my protein at the door before i went in. I go to Baruch University in NYC, it’s a city university. They told me the fitness director made that rule. I wanted to schedule an appointment to have a talk with her. I’m wondering if this is a violation of any of my rights as a human or student. anyways i’m going to have some nice things to say to her. laters pk

You’ve got to be kidding me? I’d tell them to get the fuck out of here! That is the most ridiculous and asinine thing I have ever heard. I would request a full refund, file a complaint and find a new gym.

No colored liquids because of steriod use? It sounds to me more like the rule was made so folks don’t spill things that can leave stains.

Hey pkradgreek! I go to Baruch too and was considering using the Gym this semester since it would be convenient. Can you have an MRP in the locker room? That’s one of the most ignorant rules I’ve heard. I’m with you! Let me know how it goes!

Why not leak the story to the News or Post? They could use some BS to fill out their pages.

You’ ve got to be Joking. I can understand if they say no color liquids if you spill it they have to clean it up and most color liquids contain sugar and it gets sticky if not cleaned up right a way and hard to clean up. I can understand that reasoning for banning color liquids. But for steriods being hidden is just dumb.

Funny, dude. …(You WERE joking weren’t you!?)


Time for a new gym, boys. With a stupid rule like, this one, no telling what other ones they might come up with in the future, such as no free weights allowed and how about the no looking at the girl doing the stiff leg deads rule?

Bring in a bottle of vodka and ask her if it’s okay to drink it during your workout.

Definitely with ‘char-dawg’ on this one.


guys, i’m not joking at all. They allow you to drink anything in the lockers so i guess i will be having me drink before and after, but i’m used to drinking my drink while i work out so i get better absorption and no bloating feeling. I’m planning on scheduling an appointment to talk with the fitness director to find out what the deal is. I can deal with them saying that colors might stain but not because people can put stuff in their drinks. I was not planning on using this as my regular gym, just something to do while on break. laters pk

Nice one Char-Dawg! That’s not such a bad idea. Wouldn’t even have to be Vodka- just pour water into an empty vodka bottle.

Then enjoy watching the staff faces, as he takes massive slugs between sets.

Could even pretend to start getting more and more leery at those girls doing stiff legged dl’s!

This would certainly solve the problem- he’d have to find another gym to train in as he’d be banned for life. :slight_smile: SRS.

You may also want to point out that if you train for an hour a day four times a week, you spend 4 hours in the gym, and would still have 164 hours in which to take the steroids so if the attempt is to keep people from taking steroids, it is very flawed idea.

Hmm…that sucks. I’d still ignore the rules though unless it’ll have a very negative consequence, such as your inability to participate in some school athletic activities, etc. My old gym rules used to say “no colored drinks” and “no powder”, but I drank my surge anyways, and nobody bothered me. It did probably helped though that whenever a gym staff looked at my drink, I gave them my signature haughty “you worm, what you starin’ at?” look. Heehee.

Use a non-transparent pint, boy!

My gym had a policy like this too. At least they were honest and said that it was because they didn’t want stains on the floor. I just put mine in an opaque shaker bottle, they never thought to ask if what I was drinking wasn’t water. Just a suggestion.

I am a sophomore at Ohio University and our weight room has the exact same policy. Load of crap I tell ya. I talked to them about it and explained the whole concept of drinking a protein/carb drink while working out to jump start the post-workout supplementation process and they gave no heed.

So I just got a dark colored water bottle, put my protein shake in it, drink it and make really mean, pissed faces if I see any of the “fitness pros” eyeballing me. They leave me alone now, I think it’s pretty funny.

If that does not work I can fly to New York and personally help you stuff a 45 down your fitness directors throat.

And let me guess, she is probably overweight and has minimal knowledge about weightlifting?

This is such crap, next thing you know they are going to try and tell us we cannot deadlift because it scares the girls that want to workout.

Enough ranting, hope you can find some way around this BS.

  • Mark P.

buhahaahah Can you pee that is colored… ahahaha

Just tell them unless they intend to pick you up and physically remove you from the gym, to go sit on a parking cone…

I think it’s a great idea! Cause I know that I only take my steroids while I’m working out. Never before or after. And I always put them in colored sports drinks. What a f’#@kin joke.