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No Collusion; So What Was The Goal?

Okay…let’s precede from the premise that the Special Council could find no evidence of Collusion between Russia and the Trump Campaign.

So what was Russia’s Goal?

Why favor Trump over Clinton?

2 things need to happen now:

  1. the DEMS need to move on and

  2. TRUMP needs to move on too. Finding no evidence for something does not mean that something did not occur). I personally think that he, his cronies and his sons dodged a BIG bullett.

What say 'ye, PWI?

There’s no way Trump is going to move on. A special counsel spent years and million that resulted in no charges. He’s gonna rub that in Dems faces until after his re-election.

I would guess they thought Trump would be easier to manipulate than a more seasoned and power hungry (my opinion) politician.


(Correction…some of Trump’s Cronies and his sons dodged a big bullet…)

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BIG time…and to great effect, @anon50325502.

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He’s never gonna let this go, lol.


Putin has a long personal hatred of HRC. Everything else was probably gravy.

Hopefully absolutely doesn’t happen. They’re straight up ripping off the Benghazi playbook, except with actual convictions and a cash flow positive investigation.

Without Benghazi investigations leading up to the very day of voting, HRC walks away from that day with an absurd win and the keys to the oval.

When is the redacted Mueller report supposed to drop? Is that today or next Thursday?

Either way, there’s bound to be evidence of somthing that’ll keep investigations going. GOP milked like 6 years out of Benghazi.


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Yeah. Either @Bismark or SMH posted a brilliant article that went through some of the reasons the heads of Russia pretty much hated her.

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Per The Guardian, Muller report states that:

“The president’s efforts to influence the investigation were mostly unsuccessful, but that is largely because the persons who surrounded the president declined to carry out orders or accede to his requests.”

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The few insightful and intelligent people surrounding Trump who said “no” (who most likely either resigned and/or were fired)…ended up being the ones saving his ass…

Ironic isn’t it?


Among the reasons I spilt endless characters defending against the calumnies heaped on Jeff Sessions.



One of Trump’s earliest and most unapologetic supporters during his Presidential Run…and Trump ended up disparaging the ridiculing the man on almost a daily basis…before AND after he left…

And now it looks like he is at least one who saved Trump’s ass…


The people who manufactured this lie need to be investigated, charged, and imprisoned.


Make Putin the President.

It was easier for Putin to put on a Trump suit than a Clinton suit. Duh.

I think all of the above is pretty obvious. Not really, but I’m trying to say what Progressives want to hear.

I think folks are too focused on the black and white criminality of collusion and obstruction of justice. These are both high legal bars to clear, especially vis-a-vis a sitting president. The odds of formal criminal charges were always low and the lack of them shouldn’t be seen as an exoneration of Team Trump or confirmation of a politically motivated “witch hunt”. Mueller has laid the foundation for congress to fulfill its constitutional mandate with follow up investigations and for voters in 2020 to hold Trump to account.

It’s clear that AG Barr’s report a couple weeks ago is nothing short of white washing. The redacted Mueller report released today is not an exoneration. It systemically documents the numerous contacts Trump’s team had with Russian intelligence. It notes that Trump’s many attempts to interfere with the investigation of collusion and obstruction of justice failed because his subordinates failed to follow through on his orders. It’s shocking and politically damning. We are just seeing the beginning.


This has been know since 2016 when the US Intelligence Community (IC) concluded with high confidence that Russian intelligence conducted a systemic and targeted influence operation to undermine American democracy and benefit then candidate Trump.

The report’s extensive documentation of Russian activities is a vindication of that work (which was much maligned by Trump as you recall).

It’s interesting to note that the Mueller report details that the Trump campaign expected to benefit from Russian influence. Clear evidence of criminal conduct notwithstanding, it’s clear that the Trump campaign did engage in activities that were detrimental to American democracies norms.


I’m curious. Who do you have in mind here? The US Intelligence Community? James Comey? Robert Mueller and his team?

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Obama, duh.

Every single person involved in the fabrication of lies used to obtain the FISA warrant.

Nothing like doubling down on utter horseshit.