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No Class

Watching the Sox/Yanks game right now, and I’m disgusted with what I’ve been seeing lately. Manny Ramirez hits a ball to the opposite field that barely made it over the wall. He wasn’t sure if it was gone, so he goes into his half ass trot. If the ball hits off the top of the fence, he would have had a single. Run you fucking bonehead! The guy gets paid millions to play a game, and he’s more worried about looking cool than helping his team win. What a loser. Even though he’s one of the best hitters in the game, his teammates don’t even consider him a leader because he’s such a head case. Same with Pedro. Nomar is a class act and along with Varitek leads by example.

As if the drunken fans running onto the field weren’t bad enough, the scene from game 5 of the A’s/Sox series made me sick. Johnny Damon gets knocked out for 2 min, an ambulance takes him off the field, and a few asshole Oakland fans were laughing and taunting David Ortiz as he was helping the 2nd baseman into the dugout. Talk about no class. I was glad to see the cops put this guy in a headlock and drag him out. It’s almost as bad as the Philly fans booing the national anthem.

Ok game on.

I’m not a baseball fan anymore for a lot of the reasons you described. I won’t even mention the NBA. The NFL is just as bad in some respects, but I still love football too much to give up watching it.

BTW, Ted Williams would probably be clapping for the Red Sox but the poor guy’s hands are frozen. That sucks.

I don’t watch the NBA for these reasons, but I still watch baseball. Some fans have 0 class, but I know when I go to games, I lay the smackdown on people around me, especially if there are kids around us. Some people just have no class, period. It’s getting ridiculous.

Manny’s walk towards first base in Game % against the A’s was terrible, disrespectful, and a downright punk ass thing to do.

The fans acting like idiots are no help.

I was impressed by what the Detroit Lions have done with their new stadium. Off of the west endzone, there is a whole section, something like 400+ seats, called the “family fun zone” This entire section mandates no swearing or vulgarity, as well as no alcohol. It’s not a solution, but it is a step in the right direction, especially for families that want to enjoy a game without risking their kids upbringing.


The worst baseball fans I’ve seen this year are A’s fans. Went to an interleague game at the NetAss and the A’s fans wouldn’t sit the hell down and stop going down the ramps when batters were in the box and after the game they were drunk and dangerous in the parking lot. I’ve gone to at least a game a year there, and this year was the worst. Pac Bell is so much better, except for ongoing problems with fans touching balls that are in play.

A’s fans = Raider nation in the offseason.

The fans I can’t stand are Dodger fans, they can get down to San Diego with ease adn they talk toooo much shit.

I hear ya scrub,
ManRam (as Jim Rome calls him) is a lazy ass. I can’t stand taunting. I remember my senior year playing ball in college, I had this kid hit a double off of me. He hit it and yelled out loud, “get out of here”…thinking he hit a homerun. The ball hit off the wall and he stood on 2nd base and I just glared at him and made a mental note that if he was going to show me up…well, I’ll do the same thing. So the next time he came to the plate, I got him 0-2 and on the next pitch I just reared back and threw it as hard as I could “climbing the ladder”. Struck him out swinging on a high fastball. It was the 3rd out of the inning, so I walked off the mound and yelled back to him, “sit the fuck down.” Totally out of character of me, as I am normally pretty humble and rarely show emotion during a game. But like I said, if he was going to show me up, I was going to return the favor. My coach laughed, but the ump didn’t. Just gave me a warning to keep my mouth shut, which I did. Felt good to get him back though…;o)

Way to be Tony G. Hey that rhymed. Any one or our pitchers would have put one in his earhole, but striking him out is even better. Our team is notorious for not putting up with any bullshit, so as a consequence we’ve got the two biggest shit talkers leading the league in hit by pitches. Something like 8 and 9 times in 26 games, haha.

This stuff happens in the majors too, but it doesn’t mean you have no class. You protect your teammates.

Another example: Robert Fick for the Braves gets thrown out at first and reaches out to hit Eric Karros’ arm to try to knock the ball loose. Karros was slightly injured on the play. What a little fucker. I hope Kyle Farnsworth gives him a 100 mph fastball in his grill next season. I’d like to see him charge the mound like Paul Wilson did. Can you say major league takedown?

It doesn’t get much worse than Terrell Owens throwing a “give me the ball” temper tantrum and calling out his offensive coordinator on national TV. What a fucking baby. What’s really sad is the fact that the niners didn’t even suspend him because they needed TO the next week against Mariucci’s Lions. Don’t wanna lose to the coach they fired after it proved to be a bonehead move.

Keyshawn Johnson. Thinks he’s the best receiver in the NFL. Has something like 6 TD catches in his last 50 games or something ridiculous like that. Then he calls out Marvin Harrison on Monday Night Football, only to have Marvin come up big. The guy has as many TD’s in 5 games this season as Keyshawn has in a few years. Dude needs to learn something from Marvin and spend less time talking and more time in the endzone.

I could go on forever…

Bumping this because I can’t believe what I just saw. Pedro eggs on the entire Yankee dugout, Karim Garcia gets hit, Clemens throws a pitch not even close to hitting Ramirez, dugouts clear, and a huge brawl is about to go down, right? Wrong! It’s Don Zimmmer charging Pedro! 72 yr old Zimmer gets grabbed by the head and it’s a takedown. Fucking pathetic. I can’t say that with all of the emotion with that game that I would have been able to restrain myself, but I hope so. That’s embarassing to put your hands on someone twice your age, even if he charges you. What kind of damage was he gonna do? The guy has had two knee replacements and been hit in the dome with a foul ball. Maybe it knocked something loose in there. This is awesome.