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No Child support !! If You Have a Penis


I have a question. Why the hell is it? If a man gets behind on child support by just a little bit. The justice system will go after them with guns blazing. A guy I know just spent the weekend in jail over back child support of a total of $500. But ! My ex wife is behind well over $20,000 now . How does that work?


Jesus Christ! Am I the only one that had an easy divorce? My ex sends the check, the kids are healthier since I took over the cooking and daily activities, and everything is easy.

I really am truly sorry for all of you guys dealing with the stereotypical horrible divorce. Really wish there was some way I could help.


Did she. Leave? you because, of your horrendous! punctuation


Thanks. But the fact is Ive been divorced for over 7 years . Not that I care about the money .I just find the double standard insane.


No because my penis was to big. Smart ass.


Nope I had a easy one too. Shared custody, no support payments on either side and we have no issues being friends.
Just doesn't make the news when something goes right.


Report her to the state? Indiana seems to have pretty fair divorce and child support laws.


It's a bullshit biased-against-men system. Anyone that say otherwise has their head up their ass.

Men typically get custody by agreement or when the woman is fucked up beyond the pale. Let's stop acting like it's commonplace. It is not. Shared custody is standard only if both parents are fairly local and CAN AGREE ON MAJOR PARENTING DECISIONS AND OTHERWISE COOPERATE.

The child support guidelines are biased against men. Lose your job? Fuck you - pay me. Make less money? Fuck you pay me. Don't hold your breath waiting for this broad to spend an hour in jail.


Ill put it this way . They have been made aware of the issue .


Then I imagine it will be dealt with.
I guess the lesson is not to fall behind on support payments, unless the ex is the understanding type. Or does it matter, since you pay directly to the state, are they the ones who take action?


We tried that . Until her now husband sent my four year old at the time home, with bruises all over his back side . Needless to say that pretty much ended the me being nice. ( lets just say child services got called in and they ruled it a case of child abuse)



Keep pushing for legal action and good luck. There is a bit of a father's rights movement a foot. Alex Baldwin has taken the lead on this. Perhaps you can find something with a Google search.


I'd have killed the motherfucker that put hands on my child.


This is dead on. I got a buddy that lost his job and got behind on child support they first suspended his license, and he's a truck driver so how is he supposed to work, then took a shitty job that doesn't pay as much. Since they don't reevaluate how much you pay except for every 4 years I think, he only has like 600 bucks left a month after child support.


Bulldog9899 the code talker! lol

Why not just say what you want to say?




Its the same way with women hitting men.....society says its ok...but if the man were to defend himself, majority of the time he's the one going to jail. "she slapped me like 50 times!" "Sorry son, but shes the one with bruises" case closed.


fucking TRUTH.

don't get me started. I went through HELL to get what little visitation I have with my kids.

big point to make... enforcing child support is relatively easy compared to enforcement of visitation. millions of fathers out there pay their child support religiously but get screwed over on visitation.

kids are 17 times more likely to be abused/molested/injured in the divorced mothers custody than the fathers. and are similarly more likely to drop out of school, get pregnant, get into drugs, etc.

but for some reason, the myth of the huge numbers of deadbeat dads has been propagated and made the conventional wisdom that mothers usually get custody and control over the majority of the parenting while disenfranchised fathers pay the bills.



it supports my earlier post about how much more safe children of divorce are with their fathers than mothers. because the person usually doing bad things to the kids is the mom's new boyfriend or husband.


It TOTALLY sucks.

After tax dollars I owed per mo:

1700 Child Support (2 kids)
700 Alimony (To Slut)
$2,400 total after-tax dollars per mo.

If you make bank and all the bacon and wifey is at home raising children among other things....you get fucked...DP'd!

Luckily I lost my job after 2 years of paying that, then got a new one making 63% less than I did before, so I don't owe jack! Not that I planned it that way.