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No Chest Muscle Insertion


Even though im a nooby and my chest is no where near big..it's been bothering me that i feel as if i have no chest muscle insertion on the upper outer part of it. Any time i do incline bench, incline dumbell , or even incline dumbell flys i only fill it in the middle and hardly get any pump . When i touch the area where the other upper chest muscle is supposed to be at i feel no muscle just space. Is there wrong with my muscle insertion or does the middle part of my upper chest fill out over time?

I took some pictures but they kinda look bad since the lighting makes it kind of blend in. I highlighted the area of the chest of where im talking about. Thanks in advanced.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that im flexing hard in the picture .


Dude, yes, you need to be bigger than that to see what you think should be there now.

We don't consider that "built"...which is why you aren't.


SPOILER: YES, you do have Pectoral insertions.

The downside, Upper chest, unless genetically gifted, will take some time before it pops up and out, and even then, once again unless genetically gifted, will not hugely stand out unless you develop really large, protruding pectorals, and/or are posing accordingly.

Upper pecs take take, Chest takes a long time...MUSCLE takes a long time. You want more of an upper chest? Take some time and build your upper chest. Then, a good time down the road when youve actually built some muscle, THEN assess your situation.


I used to have no upper chest. I fixed that.


did you do any special movements or just that chest 2x per week routine you talked about in your thread?


That's what I did. Upper one day, lower the next. Triceps usually with upper. Either way, it took getting strong on inclines for it to pop out. I have pretty much always found that if I want a body part to come up, I have to train it more often.


also for the sake of the thread...

i've been BB incline benching as my main chest movement for over a year now - switched from dbs - never could really feel upper chest working.

now been playing around with diff exercises and the only things that really pump up/allow me to feel upper pec is wide grip BB incline to the neck and front raises

the front raises are w/ a 25 lb bell weight, keep hands at 10 and 2, and squeeze hard at the top while focusing on pushing your hands together - obvi you wont be able to but the attempt helps


Yeah I didnt do what you did but my upper chest started to come through once i got decently strong on incline BB


when i began by upper chest was as weak or weaker than the OP.

OP- i began doing incline presses w/ 25lb dbs, 35's we're too much. finally now yrs later i can do reps w/ 100-110's by chest is bigger now, go figure. gain 50-90lbs training over the next few yrs then retake the picture. not only will it take time to increase the weight but MORE CRITICAL it will take time to "learn and know" how to tax the muscle most effectively/sucessfully/efficently.

after 5 yrs i've just begun to learn proper BB benching, right off the bat i've fucked myself up and feel like a baby at the movement. iron makes you eat some humble pie. most big talkers quit way before they see real progress. let's see if your still posting on this site in two-three yrs, i hope you are. none of this is suppose to be DISCOURAGING, i hope your chest blows the fuck up!

everybody wants everything NOW. bodybuilding isn't a NOW activity. think of it as an investment portfolio.


Please take your common sense away from this forum.


Zerchers AND kettlebells.


your chest insertions are just fine,your chest is flat because lacks of muscles so train hard and don't overcomplicated things.
and ,yes your question is not silly because most of us (me included) asked same question at the beginning,for years I thought to have genetic prepend (preposte) shoulders (slightly different from delts dominants) as my delts were bigger than my chest,no upper chest area,,,,I was taught from an heavyweight competitor at national level at my gym to do more flies than pressing "to stimulate more the pecs".

results; flat chest,overpowered by delts.
then I get bored and started to do just flat bb bench (supposed to hit just middle/low pecs).
after a while I discovered to have upper chest inserction...so I suppose that when your brain gives elettric impulse to a muscle it contracts whole not just a part.

at the end of the day,choose ANY (incline,decline,flat) pressing bench excercises,do it in good form,choose ANY reps range&rest periods and continue to add DISCS (excuse me, plates LOL) at the bar,when you hit a plateau simply change excercise (for example from decline to incline) and so on.
and eat to support muscle damnage you causes with your efforts.
PS; even some TOP bber (Cutler) always have lacked in upper chest,after years of efforts they fixed (almost) the problem,but it needs time (roids or not).....


Consider boobjob


chest implants for men?? LOL


I guarantee these exist. I know calf implants do.
brb hitting google.


Your chest looks proportionate to your shoulders and arms, lol it takes time to build muscle and you havnt been doing for very long


They have to exist. There is a tranny that works out at my gym who has obviously had butt and hip implants. It's so weird.


out of interest,if a competitive bber gets a (let'say) chest/bis implant could he attend to competitions? what if he gets synthol?


lol allow me to re-phrase

"what movements, besides benching, were you using?"


Most, if not all, mess around with site injections & synthol...you can only tell on those who don't do it correctly