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No-Cardio Fat Burning Workout


What are your thoughts on this routine here:


I hate cardio. Want to maintain/build muscle while losing some fat over the next 8 weeks. Thoughts???


Without even looking at that link, how's your diet with respect to burning fat? If that's not in order then you wont be maximizing any "fat burning workout", cardio or not.


You should make up your mind, do you want to gain muscle or cut? Both can be done at the same time, but it's a real tough balancing act. Your nutrition has to be spot on. Maybe someone else can offer up some nutrition advice. And I don't think you can accomplish much muscle gain on that program unless you are a relative novice.


The routine in that article was my very first set workout ever (2 years ago). It does work wonderfully for fat loss although I switched the friday sprints for metabolic/lactic acid circuits.



Any plan will work as long as you stick to it and give it 100% inside and outside the gym. Of course getting your diet in order is huge regardless of the plan you chose.