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No cardio and Steriods

I was just wondering why?

Because people:

A) Are too lazy.

B) Want to be hulking behemoths of mass without the ability to last more than three minutes in bed (If the fucker is huge and can’t walk up the flight of stairs, you can bet he’s a greedy ass in the sack. My daughters are going be hearing that).

C) Probably only know cardio as 45-60 minute aerobic sessions.

D) Are really too lazy

uhhh what are you wondering?

fatpanda, does this include all of the olympic level sprinters that use aas, as well as the various other endurance and strength atheltes?

im not quite sure what you are saying. and i am totally at a loss for how you could answer such an unclear question with that rant.

To Pat Fanda or whatever you name is: We who use steroids may not do cardio in the gym, because most of us get our cardio in the bedroom

sexual harrassment panda

I was wondering why they say not to do any cardio while “on”

You’re using up valuable calories that could be used for growth. Plus aerobics are catabolic in nature. They reduce your strength and convert type IIa fibres to slow weak type I which are not very good for hypertrophy or strength.

If that what you were asking?

Ahh… the eternal question. “Why?” Why indeed? What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? I was wondering that too…

Oh you mean about the steroids and cardio? Uh dunno.

Today’s body builders are not allowed to be healthy.

Just use EPO and you won’t need to do Cardio - you’ll be fine

I was wondering why they say not to do any cardio while “on” [/quote]

They don’t.

who says you shouldnt do cardio while on?

who’s ‘they’?

“They”= The crab people.

While I don’t know if I (or anyone here) understands the ? I’ll say that cardio probably isn’t recommended if one is trying to put on as much size as possible.

Panda, I’ll tell you what if your daughter is 17 or older than will you tell her I do cardio?

Wideguy, to touch my daughter, I would have to test you first,

IE. Put you in a Coach John Davies program :slight_smile:

Nevermind, stupid me.

Sounds fair to me.

ah hah! the “crab people” are the culprits once again…