No Caffeinated Preworkouts on a Muscle Building Phase?

Was in a local nutritional shop owned by an IFBB pro and one of his employees (also a competitor) was talking to someone about pre workout during bulking and he said something like “its really the opposite of what we want when trying to put on size” or something along those lines, could hardly hear and was in a rush so didn’t get to ask for clarification. I know I’ve read to obviously not pound loads of caffeine on a bulk but is it more beneficial for a natural lifter to not use caffeinated pre workouts?

I workout in the morning and have enough motivation as it is to skip a pre workout and just have my coffee/intra workout protein/carbs etc. What science is behind this?

Caffeine will help increase the amount of calories you burn at rest, hence why people use it when cutting to help get extra diced, as well as to give extra energy when in a deficit.

As long as you’re consuming enough calories pre workout won’t hinder your bulk and can help you train with extra intensity.

Maybe they meant it because pre workout is a gimmick and its money you could be spending on food when you are eating to gain.


isn’t the guy supposed to be selling as many supplements as possible? Why didn’t he just sell the preworkout, then push another supplement to “reverse the potential detriment to muscle building”

Why not just take citrulline, arginine, and BCAAs preworkout? Caffeine constricts blood vessels, so less blood flowing to your muscles.

Been 2 weeks since I’ve taken pre workout (only caffeine is coffee with breakfast PWO) and my energy has sky rocketed throughout the day. No crash and pump is great in the gym.

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Caffeine will increase cortisol, which is not what you want when you’re trying to maximize muscle.

I work til 1am most nights and wake up with 2 toddlers in the morning. I do some workouts without caffeine, but mostly, the extra boost helps me get extra intensity in my workout. Increased intensity during lifting will help far more than caffeine would hurt.
By caffeine, I mean coffee or green tea. PWO’s are horseshit.
Confession: Placebo or not, I’ve had some incredible lifting sessions after taking PWO’s.

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