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No Bullshit


After a delay from training due to life's interruptions and performing a reality check, I'm creating this log to track my progress in a no bullshit manner.

Currently doing a full body workout, similar to starting strength and will continue to modify it - based on logic, and training around issues.


Workout A (kg)
Squats 10xbar, 5x40, 50, 5x60x3 PR
Pullups BWx3, 2, 3, 2, BWx5 PR
DL 5x40x2, 2x60 PR , 1x60
BB Rows 10x27.5, 10x35x2 PR
Situps w/ medicine ball (4kg) rotations 10, 4kgx10 PR

My typical diet consists of:
Protein - milk, meat like chicken, beef, lamb and pig, eggs, whey.
Carbs - rice, pasta, wholegrain bread, fruit and veg.
Fats - besides my protein sources just nuts, fish oil, macadamia/evo oil.

Today my diet was:
Coffee w/ milk, 2 sugars
5 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, tomato, onion, mushrooms
Coffee w/ milk, sweetener
Steak, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin
Chicken Kiev, broccoli, baked potato
Coke zero
Some chocolate
Cheese, ham, crackers
1 Cup of milk

I will continue just eating and training until I reach 100kgs, then I'll see where I'm at. Main thing I'm going for atm, is getting stronger and increasing my weight.



Weight: 88.3kgs

Coffee w/milk, 2 sugars
Omelette w/2 wholemeal toast, tomatoes
1 cup of milk
2 peanut butter sandwiches w/wholegrain bread
Whey shake w/milk, 2 tbsp macadamia nut oil
Dried fruits and macadamia nuts
Pasta w/tuna
Tea w/1 sugar, milk
Bad shit: couple of chips, spring roll, lollies :confused:

No training today.


No training again today, I have an assignment to polish before tomorrow. My group members suck.

Large coffee w/milk, 2 sugars
2 sandwiches - wholemeal bread, cheese, ham, tomato
6" subway sub - chicken, cheese, vegies
2 pieces of bread w/butter
Lamb shanks w/rice, vegies
Coffee w/milk, 2 sugars
Roll w/ peanut butter
Milo w/1 sugar


Finally finished my fucking assignment.

4 eggs, 3 wholegrain toast w/butter, sauce
Coffee w/sweetener, hilo milk
Roll w/peanut butter
Dried fruit, macadamia nuts
Coffee w/sweetener, hilo milk
Lamb stew w/sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, peas
500mls full cream milk

Workout B:
Squats 10xbar, 5x40 50 5x62.5x3 PR
Bench press 5xbar, 60 70 80 5x90 PR
BB Rows 5x40 50 5x60 PR


No workout.

Coffee w/2 sugars, milk
3 eggs, 2 wholegrain toast
300ml whole milk
Coffee w/sweetener, milk
5 pieces of sushi
Curried egg sandwich
Dried apricots, macadamia nuts
Spaghetti bolognaise, crumbed chicken w/cheese/tomato, salad
More milk :slight_smile:


Did testing in my resistance training class @ uni today. We dont have a squat rack in the room so we tested in a smith machine haha.

Random ass workout
Bench press (yes i realise i did it monday) 10xbar 5x60 70 1x90 1x100 1x105 1RM PR
Smith machine squat 10x55 5x75 5x95 3x95 PR
Barbell curls 10x50 PR
DB OH Ext. (one arm) - 10x8 8x12.5 PR

Cheese, ham, 2 wholemeal bread
Coffee w/2 sugars, milk
Coffee w/milk, sweetener
500ml spearmint milk
5 pieces of sushi
Chicken and rice
Coffee w/milk, sweetener
Garlic beef w/fried rice, vegies
2 wholegrain toast w/jam
Milo, 1 sugar


3 eggs, 2 wholegrain toast, coffee w/sweetener, milk
Large coke, large fries, double whopper w/cheese, bacon
2 Coffees w/sweetener
Chicken parmagana w/bacon, olives
Garlic beef w/fried rice, vegies
Milk, 1 sugar


This has got to be a joke right?


why? my diet? the weights? they are in kilos not pounds if that what your saying…


Diet today:
5 pieces of pizza, garlic bread, coffee w/2 sugars
Red bull, Powerade
Half chicken, chips, 600ml coke

  • to be continued…


  • modified due to training with a friend for which it was a pull day. But was an awesome workout.

Squats 10xbar, 5x40 50 60 70 2x80 5x80 PR
Sumo deadlift 4x40 40 4x60 3x80 2x90 1x100 PR
BB rows 8x40 60 8x70 PR
Pullups BWx6 6 5 b PR[/b]
EZbar curls 8x35 40 10x45
Hammer curls 8x17.5x3

…and called it a day.