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No Bullsh*t 5/3/1 Log

This log is to end all the bullsh*t training i have been doing. Jumping from program to program. I am now following 5/3/1 and im just making things simple and not overthinking things.

Starting Stats:
Age - 16
Weight - 178 lbs
Height - 6’0 FT
Squat 1RM - 210
Deadlift 1RM - 270
Bench Press 1RM - 180
Military Press 1RM - 125

By 2012, I would like to Squat 265lbs, Dealift 315lbs, Bench Press 225lbs, and Military Press 145lbs. I would also like to be able to run hills 4 times per week as i am also a hockey player and need some kind of conditioning. I would finally like to stop worrying and stressing about a program. I would like to do bodybuilding type training one day but not before i build a solid base.

So there it is, all my stats and goals that i will stick to during this log…

Training Template:

Squat: 3 sets of 5-10 reps (moderate weight)
Deadlift: 5/3/1 sets and reps
DB Bench: 3 sets of 8-20 reps

Squat: 3 sets of 5-10 reps (moderate weight)
Bench Press: 5/3/1 sets and reps
Rows: 3 sets

Squat: 5/3/1 sets and reps
Press: 5/3/1 sets and reps
T-bar rows or chins: 3 sets 5-30 reps

Bonus day: Do anything i feel, just don’t do anything stupid.

*Hills are run 4 times per week, whenever just not on Thursday or on Friday before my Squats
*I will add in extra back exercises once in a while to just get some volume
*I prefer the total body split because i need to get my squat up
*My diet will be reasonable as i am usually not in control of what my mother makes but she will usually make something healthy

8/8/11 Day 1

Squat- 95x5, 115x5, 135x3x5
*These felt good but a little light
Staggered 5 sets of chins in between sets

Deadlift- 135x5, 160x5, 185x5, 210x10 PR
*That last set was a PR for me. I was just gonna go for 5 but i decided to go for it. Suprisingly i had a few left in the tank but my form was getting bad.

DB Bench Press
40’s x10 55’s x14,10,8

Weighted Hyperextensions- 25x15, 35x2x15

8/9/11 Day 2

*Sprints at the track

20yds, 40yds, 60yds, 80yds, 100yds, 80yds, 60yds, 40yds, 20yds
Wanted to go to the hill today but my friends are little btches.

8/10/11 Day 2

Squats- 95x5 115x2x5 135x2x5 135x8
*I was a little sore but felt good so i decided to go for an easy 8 on the last set.

Bench Press- 95x10 95x8 105x5 120x5 135x13 PR
*I was suprised that i could actually get this many reps

Barbell Row- 95x8 115x8 135x8,10,12
*I worked my way my up to a last set of 12 till failure. Probably will up the weight next time.

Chin ups- 3x5
*Did these last instead staggering them inbetween sets of squats because i can.

*Overall good session and weights were all good. Conditioning later today…

8/10/11 Day 3

Hill sprints-10
*These left me gasping for air.

I feel like the conditioning is really gonna affect my squats as i am squating three times a week and i am doing conditioning 4 times per week. But hopefully after a couple weeks it will be no problem.

8/12/11 Day 5

Squats- Warm ups 125x5 145x5 160x10 PR
*I was just going for 8 to match my PR but felt good and decided to go for 10.

Military Press Warm ups 75x5 85x5 95x11 PR
*I was hoping for 10, so this is better than i wanted.

T-bar rows- warm ups 2ppsx15, 2pps+25x10,8
*Not sure what weight to do so i just kept going up till it felt heavy.

Chin ups- Total:40 reps
*Staggered these throughout sets, alternating grips

*Great workout. I am suprised by how much stronger i am on my squat even though i am doing hill sprints 4x per week. I left about 2-3 reps in the tank for the squats just because i am probably going to do conditioning today. I like these workouts three days a week as it makes me even more hungrier for the iron.

8/13/11 Day 6

Hill sprints- 11
*This was awful. I took more rest than usual but this was by far the worst experience i ever had with this hill. I guess motivation wasnt there. Oh well tommorow im shootin for twelve.

*A little assistance work later today…

8/13/11 Day 6

Dips- 5,5,7,8
*I didnt know i could more than 5 so next week i will aim for more reps per set. I might instead aim for 30 reps no matter how many sets it takes me.
Chin ups (alternating grips)- 4x5
*Little sore from yesterday
Close grip Bench Press- barxsome 95x12 115x12,10,10
*I felt like doing a pressing movement so why not do these. Definately a keeper
Good Mornings- barxsome 95x3x12
*These were good. Felt a huge stretch in the hammies.
Hammer curls- 25x15 30x12 35x10,8
*Gotta do curls if you wanna be SWOLE.
Standing Ab Curls- 80x3x12
*These were killer

*Overall it was good workout just gettin in a little of assistance work. Felt great after this mornings workout.

8/14/11 Day 7

Conditioning- 75 mins of street hockey
*This was suprisingly a great workout. A lot of sprinting and always jogging. Felt gassed afterwards

8/16/11 Day 9

Squat- 95x5 115x5 135x3x5
*These were decently hard since i am doin a ton of conditioning and my legs are sore.

Deadlift- warm ups 170x3 195x3 220x6
*I hate hexagon plates. Had a few in the tank but my grip was slipping.

DB bench press- 45x10 60x3x10
*The 60’s felt good but took alot out of me.

Pull ups (Alternating grips)- 6x5

*Overall pretty good workout. My hamstings are so sore from the good morninings on saturday. Probably not a great idea considering my legs have been working alot.

8/17/11 Day 10

Hill sprints- 12
*Left me crying like a pubeless child

8/18/11 Day 11


Squats- 95x8 115x5 135x5
*These felt heavy because my hamstrings are still sore from GM’s on saturday. Worked on form and keeping upper back tight

Bench press- 95x8,5 110x3 130x3 145x10 PR
*Even though i left one in the tank possibly two, the last set felt good because i had solid form and i was focusing on keeping it tight.

Barbell rows- 95x10 115x8 135x12 145x10 155x8
*Put a little body english in these

Chin ups- 40 reps

*Pretty good day for weights but for some reason my head wasnt in it.

8/20/11 Day 13

Squats- 95x5 115x2x5 135x3 150x3 170x10-11 PR
*I sucked at counting today, oh well. Anyways i set a PR regardless

Press- 45x8 65x5 75x3 90x3 100x10 PR
*The last set was a grinder

Chin ups (alternating grips)- 40 reps

*Overall decent day, but i suck at counting…

8/21/11 Day 14

Conditioning- 60 mins of street hockey’
*This is intense and one of the best conditioning i have ever gotten suprisingly.

8/22/11 Day 15

Hill sprints- 10
*Nothing to say

8/23/11 Day 16

Squats- worked up to 135x8

Deadlift- 135x5 155x5 185x5 210x3 235x4 PR
*Did these touch and go because deadlifting with hexagon plates is a pain in the ass. That is probably why i didnt get as much as i was expecting

DB Bench Press- 55x12 60x10 65x8
*These felt great

Dips- 2x Max reps
*Decided to do these since i didnt do any last week.

*Overall decent workout. From now on i will do touch and go deadlifts because resetting with hexagon plates is just ridiculous. I start school tommorow and i am taking an Advanced Strength Training class (whatever that means). I will still follow 5/3/1 total body. But the assistance work will not be as hard depending on how serious the class is taken.

8/23/11 Day 16

Chin ups- 40 reps
*Staggered in between sets of Squats

*Forgot to put these in

8/25/11 Day 18

Squats- Warm ups 135x5,8 145x5
*These felt good but i also felt like i was working

Bench Press- Warm ups 120x5, 135x3, 150x9 PR

Barbell Rows- 3 sets

Chin ups- 40 reps
*Staggered in between sets of squats

*Overall good workout. I was toast after this.