No Bull Speed Program?

First off please post only if you know who kelley baggett is, he is not one to rip someone off, and he knows his stuff. Saying that has anyone read this book? It seems really good coming from him. Than just go to the products page.

Thanks in advance

Yes, I have the book. Not sure why I bought it, because it really isn’t applicable to my own purposes, but I did enjoy the book tremendously and Kelly Bagget really strikes me as a coach who gets it.

Definitely one of my favorite books when it comes to athletic training. I read it all the way through when I got it. It has a lot of great information. I bought it when it was only in book form and not e-book form, but if you really want it, pay the man. It is a great deal for the information you get.

does the program look good and was it worth the 50$?