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No Breakfast, Training Before Eating?

Hey everyone, I’m new here and I’m hoping I can get some quality insight from some of you more experienced lifters.

I’m not really a beginner but these questions are probably beginner questions so I figured I’d post them here.

First, I don’t always have time to eat breakfast in the morning so I usually just have a couple cups of coffee with a couple oz. of skim milk in it. Do you think this is sufficient to temporarily delay catabolism?

Second, I’ve read conflicting ideas about working out in the morning before eating. I’ve heard that it’s preferable because of elevated HGH levels, and I’ve also heard that it’s a bad idea because of low muscle glycogen. Can anyone elaborate on this?


No. However if you keep your workouts reasonable in time I hardly think you would derail your progress.
Milk is Casein a slow digesting protein when what you need is a fast digesting protein to be uptaken by your muscles.

The general consensus around here is to have a pre workout drink (or meal if it can be digested quickly) before going to the gym.

I cannot stomach anything shakes/food first thing in the morning when I go to the gym. So I use a Caffeine stimulant (I don’t believe coffee offers what you need).

I limit my workouts to less than 1 hour and then pound a protein/carb drink post workout.

Don’t major in the minors. Just make sure you have the energy to get a good workout in then pound some serious protein and carbs post workout.

So if I have nothing other than some N.O. Xplode for instance before a workout I should get the same benefits as a good source of protein and carbs before a workout?

I always take around 50g of whey protein and a serving or so of cream of rice after a workout.

You would probably have better results from your workout and better energy/endurance during your workouts by at least having a light protein shake or BCAA’s pre- workout.


I don’t believe that is what I said.
Yes, you want carbs and protein before you workout. No, milk will not cut it.
However, I don’t think it is a critical derailment if you don’t have protein before your workout as long as your workout is short enough and you have your PWO shake immediately following.

I concur. I just personally cannot stomach them first thing in the morning before a workout.

Just eat a couple pieces of bread and a scoop of protein powder with water.

Okay, thanks everyone. I’ll be sure to get my carbs and protein pre workout too from now on.