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No Bread, Pasta, Rice?


Trying to cut fat, but I constantly read about how you shouldnt eat any breads, pastas, and rice as they spike insulin levels and so on, Yet, some recommend whole grain breads and long grain rice. Im confused, no bread, no rice, with exception to those catergories, or no exceptions at all even though those categories have a low glycmic index, and contain alot of fiber.


i like to go with a carb cycling approach when i am trying to drop a few pounds. I have found that is what works best and keeps my muscle mass intact.

theoretically all you have to do is burn more calories then you bring in.

the only carbs i eat on high/moderate carb days are oatmeal and fruit(oranges, berries...etc) and vegetables.

there are tons of ways to lose weight and everyone's body reacts to certain foods in different ways. Play around with your diet until you find what works best for you.

and on a quick note: are you sure you have your priorities in order? When i first started lifting i thought i should have tried to cut the fat off my body but i really needed to bulk up and gain muscle/size/strength. You are 5'11'' and 162lbs so you are pretty thin. If you are new to lifting, maybe you should just lift and eat well and focus on gaining. But your goals are your goals. goodluck.


It depends on you. Nothing is the same for everyone, experiment and find what works for you.


Read. Some. Articles.



If I eat over 300g carbs, I gain mass. Over 400g and I gain fat.

Totally different per person. A buddy of mine can eat horrible horrible foods, then to add 25lbs to his squat and drop 2%BF in a week. Bastard.

Genetics..gotta figure them out.


Timing of the carbs is as important as your choices as well. I eat a huge plate of pasta everyday after my lifting sessions. When I'm leaning out, on off days, I only eat carbs with breakfast, on lifting days, only with breakfast and post-workout. Even when I'm putting on size I still implement carb cut offs 5-6 hours before bed.






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IMO its better/easier to get big/fat/strong, get your body weight up and THEN cut.

You might seem fat to most people, its a sacrifice you have to make for maybe a year or two, but in the long run its the fastest way to get "jacked".

I don't mean eat twinkies and chips but food that will make/help you grow. This doesn't justify eating "crap" cause you are "bulking".

Rice, Pasts and carbs aren't the devil like most people portray them to be. Just make sure they are wholesome food and not CRAP. Besides if you are lifting hard and eating right you wont gain that much fat even if you are eating lots of carbs, just make sure they are good carbs.


ahh yes,"good" carbs.

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So if I read between this thinly veiled cynicism...your expertise is telling us that 1 g CHO from processed flour has the physiological effect as 1 g CHO from brown rice? Where do you get your information from man? I've seen your nutrition advice all over these forums and it's absolute garbage...

Try posting some useful feedback every once in a while.