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No-Brainer Diet


After four years of "bulking" I have decided I would like to get leaner. My knowledge of diet and nutrition is very limited. I was hoping someone more knowledgeable can give me a no-brainer diet to follow. What I mean is, I would like a specific example of two or three days worth of meals that I can follow. I would just repeat these days indefinitely. I don't really eat for flavor and can eat the same few things over and over indefinitely. I actually have very weak taste buds and often can't distinguish between flavors anyway.

I'm currently 5'6", 215 pounds, and I would guess around 20% bodyfat. I'm in no hurry to lose the fat and there is no deadline, but I would like to get below 15% by the end of summer. I'm not even sure how realistic that is.

I am hoping for meals that are easily prepared and have some level of convenience. I am on the go a lot and don't always have time to stop home to eat. For example, here is my current weekly schedule:

Mon: Work 7am-Noon. Rest of day is free. Usually catch up on schoolwork.
Tue: Classes - 10-12, 12-3, 5-8
Wed: Work 8 to 12 hours sometime between the hours of 7am and 10pm.
Thurs: Classes - 10-12, 6-9
Fri, Sat, Sun: Work 8 to 12 hours sometime between the hours of 7am and 10pm.

I go to the gym usually 4 times a week following my own bastardized version of Westside. I also have one online class that takes up 4-6 hours out of my week.

Because of my schedule, I would like a few of my meals to be something easy I can carry around with me between classes and whatnot. Eating at work is also not a problem. Again, I would just like something I can prepare at home, take with me, and throw down quickly at work.

My current diet is not always clean and sometimes sporadic. I usually get in about 4000 calories a day, but at least once a week I end up having a hectic day where I will end up eating little or nothing the entire day.

In summary, I am hoping that someone can give me an affordable meal plan (I can afford about $120-140 a month on groceries), with specific examples of meals, that can fill up two or three days.



I would say just make it VERY simple and vesitile as well. Simply clean it up and limit it mainly to wehole food lower GI/II etc. aside form areound training and do it.

Find a easy and fast breakfast you like. Protein source, fruit, and maybe oats toast etc. a few simple protein and fat snacks in the day and 2-3 bigger meals that are a good meat source and veggies as well as healthy fats.

Damn John has mentioned a simple diet he follows when leaning up a bit that consist of much the same breakfast a few snacks and two big meat salads a day. Salads are great as you can make a HUGE salad that fills you up with minimal calorie impact plenty of fiber and micro nutrients.

Its really only as complicated as you make it. Get lots of veggies a protein source and a calorie balance that has you losing wieght and your going to be going in the right direction.



Oh ease on the move. I always brought along say pre cooked frozen chicken breasts, bags of veggies, cans of tuna, shakes. as well as nuts etc..

A tad of pre thought/preparation goes a LONG ways.


Wow you bulked for 4 years.

Some one has finally done it right around here...


LOL. I bulked for 26!! Beat that!


Damn, that's pretty damn big man. Good work.


I'm guessing from his tone above that he didn't intend to bulk up that big. I'm sure it's mostly fat and not muscle, given his BF%.

To the OP. You need to lose about 15lbs of fat, and not any LBM, to achieve 15%. I think it's definitely doable.

Good luck!


Thanks for the replies, Phil.

I don't know what this (GI/II) means. Also, what are some examples of some simple protein and fat snacks to eat throughout the day? Nuts?

I like the meat salad idea, too. What is the salad made of, spinach? Do you have any ideas for what else to put in it?

One more question; how big should breakfast be? I'm thinking something like a cup of oatmeal with protein powder added (maybe 2 scoops, 40g...?) and some fruit. Is this too little?

I appreciate the feedback. Thanks again.


Well my bulking was just years of eating big and wanting to get big without regards to bodyfat levels. I always thought as long as my chest stuck out further than my gut I was ok. But in the last 6-8 months, I have gained a lot of fat. A lot of it is eating for convenience with being a full time student once again.

I have always trained with powerlifting and strongman in mind, but more and more lately, I have been thinking of getting leaner. I have to admit the "Favorite Bodybuilder's Pics" thread has added to my desire to improve my physique.

I don't want to lose LBM or strength and I would like to continue to compete in strongman, so I'm not looking for a quick-fix diet. I want something I live with indefinitely to continue to gain strength and LBM, but gradually lose bodyfat. Ultimately I would like to have 200 pounds of LBM at 13-15% bodyfat, which would give me a bodyweight of about 230-235.


Well, since you were bulking before my guess is that you had a high carb diet. Alot of people have had great success on the t-dawg 2.0, which is pretty simple.

You've heard of it, maybe even read it. My opinion is that you'll reach your goals much sooner than you think if you go on it.


I just want to clarify; when I say I was bulking, it wasn't a conscious bulk. I just ate big...often. I didn't follow a macronutrient breakdown or anything. I just made sure to eat a lot. I will look at the T-Dawg.


GI/II= In basics its how fast the carbs are anmd how much effect it has on insulin. A spike. You want to go for lower things not sugar white bread etc. tons of veggies fruits, whole real foods.

Snacks, sure nuts, jerky, protein powder, fruit. etc..

Man I load my salads up with tons of veggies. sure spinach lettuce, broccili, oinion, tomatoe, peppers, just a butt load of veggies, meat, maybe hard boiled egg, some spices, olive oil, vinegar.

Thats an ok sized breakfast for leaning out cup about 600 k/cals. Omeletes are another great choice, once again add veggies like pappers onion etc. Make breakfast pretty damn big and filling helps fuel the rest of the day starts you off right and gets the old metabolism SMOKIN"

Id just further stress to start im betting simply cleaning it up with get you great results from the start. Being pretty damn liberal with the fruit and veggie intake. That will load you up keep you from being hungry and low impact.

Good luck,


For sure T-Dawg is awesome and can teach you a shit load on how to eat and lkive and is easily transitioned into a gaining stage by just upping the amounts.

T Dawg 2

This one will help to and would be a great start just start following these and dont worry about the amount at first. That casn come after you nail the basics and get used to it.

7 Habit

Hell while were at it this is a good read as well.

Foods That Make You Look Good Nekid

Hope that helps,