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No Bloat Stack?


Ok, ive done a few cycles.. just cyp or enth alone, bloats me up big time, no meds reduce it. I can't deal with the moonface anymore!

Obviously I am going to try propionate now, I hear it doesn't bloat you hardly. I've been out of the subject for a while now.. and was wondering if there were any other non bloaters I could stack with it. (this would be my first stack too)

Cheers gents.


I personally find that bloating is largely dependent on diet.

What have you tried to reduce the bloat?

I bloat a little more on cyp/enanth than prop, but I still bloat on prop. I only bloat when my diet is fairly high sodium or really high carb and I go on though... when I have my carbs moderate-high and sodium a little lower I barely bloat at all.


wouldn't a decent AI take care of bloat?


Yep i agree with rds on using a AI. A AI well help on the bloat as well. i would recomend using arimidex throughout the cycle, some would also recomend aromatase but it will completely block dam near all estro, i believe we all need a little estro floating around in there to have a good cycle though so if you do an AI i would recomend adex.
Like skwatta said diet can play a role in bloat as well.



Did you mean to say "Aromasin"? If so, your statement isn't true at all. On TRT doses (200 mg/week) 12.5 mg of Aromasin twice a week keeps my E2 just under 30, which is where I like it.


oops! and your right, i did mean aromasin i was under the impression that it blocked a whole lot more then arimidex.

Also i do not believe the whole post is false, just the part about the aromasin.
I am still learning with most of us here and i appreciate the clear up VT.
Will do more research on aromasin so i have my facts a bit more in line.

Good catch!


It's pretty common mistake due to their mechanism of actions. Exemesane (Aromasin) basically "kills" the aromatase enzyme while Anastrozole (Adex) merely binds to the enzyme and keeps it from exerting its effect.

But just like the difference between a hand grenade (kills some) and a nuclear bomb (kills all), Aromasin is dose dependent so if you are at a reasonable dose you can easily manage your estrogen and keep it at an optimal level. I like it better than adex, because even though the half life of the drug itself is less than adex, its effects actually last longer since the killed of aromatase has to basically be created again before it can do anything, making it longer lasting than Adex.

Plus adex kills my libido and it hums along nicely while on Aromasin! :slight_smile:


Interesting, once i am out of adex, i think im gonna have to give it a whirl now. :slight_smile:



I tried arimedix ... well I could only get it's research drug equivalent.. but from a very good source.
But I am seriously gyno prone, and it stopped that so I guess it must have been legit. My diet was fairly good.

Thing is, there are no other meds I can get. Are there actually any other steroids that I can stack with prop that don't bloat? Only other one I have heard of is winstrol and thats weak n pointless aye?


anavar won't bloat you. I love that stuff


Ok thanks guys.

I can get anavar.
I ..wish I hadnt cut my hair so short.. moon face is so recognisable now, aw.