No Bipolar Meds On Cycle

I’m 47 I have bipolar,it’s so bad I’ve been on disability since I was 26. About 8 yrs ago I had low t so doctor put me on low T replacement. I felt so much better I actually went got more testerone than I was supposed to be useing and felt even better. I normally do about 600 test/600 eq or deca and always take 400 maateron masteron eth a week. I break it down to 2 times a week. Anyway since I started doin test my manias have gotten less and I stopped taken all bipolar meds 2 years ago I take welbutrin and I’ve only had one minor mania in the past two years it’s gotten so good I’ve started working I have had no issues I do stay away from.tren and any roids that are notorious for aggression though

That is amazing to be honest. How do you manage E2? I would be scared of either tanking E2 or super high E2. Either way, I think anxiety could be very harmful in your position. What does your Dr.'s think about your “situation”?

You cruise on 400mg mast/wk?

I can attest that, test stops all head problems easily. No more 6 different head pills. And even doctor appointment are now useless. No mania,no panic attacs,no fear, no depression…