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No Benefits For Gay Couples In Military


Just wondering what some of you thought of this development.


No one should get benefits for getting married. You should get payed what you earn.


But heterosexual couples ARE getting those benefits!


I know. They shouldn't.


Normal marriage should be encouraged. Heterosexual couples, married hetero couples, raise the best children, far and way the best. Gays and single parents generally do an absolutely TERRIBLE job.


Why is a married person worth more to the US military than a single one doing the same job? You should get payed what doing your job is worth.


The military is retarded with its benefits.

I am not gay but if I could have married my roomate and got the benefits that married Marines got we would have gotten hitched in a heartbeat.

The benefits do change and lessen if you marry another service member. If you marry a civilian then you get more money, priviliges etc to support them in the military lifestyle.


So were you raised by gay parents, or just a single parent? :wink:


An aunt and uncle...I was orphaned at 4.


The family (hetero) is the foundation of civilisation; its WHY we're here.


Says who? You got statistics? Not saying you're wrong, I don't think they woudl do a godo job raising, but just making that claim doesn't make it true.


these truths are self evident.


Casey Antony.

Seriously though...studies are all over the Web.


Forlife, is it a coincidence that the first ad hominem attack on this thread is from you? Do you think that it's okay because you winked at the end of it? It would seem that you would be the last to talk like that since you are so very super sensitive about personal remarks sent in your direction. I guess we can add hypocrite to your many other talents.


Please tell me that you're old enough to understand that what you just posted is a steaming pile of horse shit.


Of course it is, since there is no way of quantifying "the best children", statistics would hardly help.


when we need to quantify something unquantifiable, there is always a way.
It's called the Market.

let's sell and buy children, and we will soon have an answer.


i think it sucks, DD maybe right about they benefits, but the current facts are straight couples do get those benefits. but this argument just seems predestined to boil done to our views on the legitimacy of gay marriage.


They do earn it, they make babies or more crudely tax-payers.