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No Bench, What Can I Do?


I recently graduated from school so I have access to no gym. I do however have adjustable dumbbells and a barbell. I don't have a bench or a rack of any kind. I also only have about 250lbs so I can't really do a much deadlifting. What advice do you guys have for lifting I can do, specifically to work my pecs.


join a gym? lol

HS or college?


Buy a bench for 50 bucks at sears?






Well besides getting gym membership or buying a bench, you could always just do pushups. If you have someone to help you, you could have that person put some plates on top of your back much like how people use chains. If you have good sturdy rope, you might be able to fashion some homemade blast straps.


floor press, throw some chains on your back and do pushups. Instead of deadlifting start doing cleans. Start doing front squats. Do RDLs for reps. Pendlay rows work.


baller dude. congrats.

join a gym. it's worth it.


Thanks, I was going to take Jujutsu so between that and gym fees is a bit to much money for me.


i mean, unless you were dead set on a specific studio already, i'd try to find a bjj gym that also has a weight set. it's pretty common from what i've seen.

i say that just becuase you won't see much progression with the limited resources you have currently.


Floor press, weighted push ups, overhead press, dips


I'm in a similar position - no bench and don't want to buy one because I'm gonna be joining a gym pretty soon anyway. My temporary solution is to do a Dumbell Bench Press and rest my shoulders on a large cushion (from my couch), so that my upper half is propped up. This isn't ideal but has worked pretty well for me so far and will give you enough leverage so that your chest is working more than your triceps.


I don't have a bench either, I put plates in a backpack and do push ups. Thankfully, I will have free access to a gym starting next month.