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No Belts or Wraps Allowed in RAW Powerlifting


...at least in the world according to me

shouldn't raw be raw, why is a belt & wraps not considered supportive equipment???

I am not uber-passionate on this issue, just sayin

what are your thoughts?




i'd say wrist wraps, knee sleeves(loose-ish) and a belt.


no one cares


Then start your own fucking federation


hahahahaha this thread made me laugh



This post really made me seem like a jaded spiteful asshole. So to make up for it, I offer a funny picture for the OP.


I also think some people shouldn't be allowed to procreate, at least in the world according to me.


but seriously, please dont


hahahahahahaha, why does it seem like every 200-300lb "atg" squatter think that raw should essentially be done naked? and then to defend themselves they bring up KK, yea bring up one of the best raw lifters ever that decides not use wraps or a belt, well while we are at it, what about basketball, lets not call dunks dunks anymore unless they are done from the free throw line, cuz michael jordan could do it. but yea i agree, can we just delete this thread?


In the world according to me, supplements are supportive of muscle, so they're out.

Actually eating in general is supportive of performance, so that's out too.


Raw should be completely nude. So we can really see that depth. Also, a 4th judge needs to be added. They will lay directly under the squatter. His nose must enter the anus of the lifter in order for it to count. We can call it ATJ (Ass to judge) squats.

You can't train for raw lifting. Training, like using gear, wraps, belts, tight "big dog" t-shirts, increases your total and gives you an unfair advantage. If raw lifters want to train, some governing organization needs to hand out a syncronized training program that everyone must follow... in order to make it fair.

Everyone who competes in raw lifting should get a trophy. Everybody wins when you dont put that silly gear stuff on. It doesnt matter about the weight lifted in the POWERLIFTING competition. Just as long as everyone gets in the meet and has a good time.

I'm glad this thread is on here I can finally come out of the closet... I enjoy raw lifting. Phew. I feel like a wieght has been lifted off my shoulders... oh wait... thats just my squat going to shit because I blew both my knees out from all my raw squatting.


Lmao good post.



And anyone eating over 50 grams of protein a day needs to be DQ'd.

Also the judge who's nose is being squatted onto by the anus of the lifter must be measured to come no more than 10" from the ground, and if there isn't fecal matter on his nose after the squat attempt, it doesn't count.

Also, any grunting, angry looks, caffeine, loud noises, or intense looks of concentration and focus are strictly prohibited, as they may increase testosterone and lifting numbers, therefore obviously making them cheating. duh.


Gaining weight for a period of 1 year prior to competition is strictly forbidden because it may make skin tighter and supportive.


^^^ Pure Gold DD ^^^


I wouldn't feel comfortable with this. If I am hitting depth, I'd have 3 bodyparts touching the cold ground.


one should have to make their own weights & machine their own bars ...

no squat racks either

kevlar jock straps are still allowed


Still angry they removed that vid of Koklyaev squatting 300kg for reps wearing nothing but a sock (and not on his foot). Now that's raw!

The kevlar jockstraps are necessary to protect the spectators.


Actually, the use of weights in competition is too artificial. Bodyweight only is the only real RAWWRRZZ!! way to go.

(essentially in a weight class the person closest to the weight cutoff wins)