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No ban: But still no more ephedra?

I dont think that a ban really has to happen for us to not see ephadra anymore. With all the publicity and sue happy people, the cost of insurance and the liability alone can make it unproffitable. What does everyoneelse think. Would you take the risk if you were a company, eventhough there wasnt a ban.

Honestly, I have to say that I probably wouldnt produce the products anymore either, even if there wasnt a ban.

Some inside info: as each company’s liability insurance expires, no more ephedra, with a couple exceptions. KleinBecker/Basic Research/SilverSage (you know, the infamous Cutting Gel/Gut Cutter/Anorex etc. makers) are “supposedly” going to continue to produce the ephedra-based products. Can’t wait to see the price tag on them! I’m sure they will not come cheaply though. I believe I heard that Alternative Pharmaceuticals is another one that may keep making it barring the ban, but I don’t know if this was ephedra or sida cordifolia.