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No Assistance Exercises After FSL?

This is my second week on 5/3/1. I’ve been fallowing the basic program. Squats on Monday bench in Tuesday deadlifts on Thursday and press on Friday. Today I decided to do something different and after my last working set on squats which I was able to do 8. I decided to include 3 sets of 8 FSL after the last set of 8 my legs were pretty much trashed and I didn’t feel like I need do my leg press or ham curls my question is if you do FSL or joker sets should you do assistant exercises or just leave it at that also do 15 minutes of cardio on the treadmill before and after my workout I found that try the prowler was to much for me.

It’s normal to do main lifts, then supplemental (like FSL), then assistance. As a one off I see no issue with skipping assistance, but in the long run you may want to increase your work capacity so you’re able to do all the planned work.

This is impossible to answer - this depends on:

Your current fitness/training level.
Your real goals.
Your current recovery commitment.

I personally don’t give myself an “out” when I have a goal.


I am 68 I did some powerlifting back in the 90s and have been lifting on and off ever since I’ve been thinking about doing a meet again and that’s why I started the 5/3/1 this time around I want to do it with a suit or bench shirt I tore both growing muscles when I was completing I’ve gotten a lot smarter over the years and now it’s about form not weight being older it’s taking me longer to recover I’m using the template you posted here on your 5/3/1.

I went back and read beyond 5/3/1 and I want to make sure is if I include joker sets and FSL that if I do some assistant exercises I won’t be over training I like pushing myself and getting the max out of my workouts would 3 sets of 8-10 reps for 2 exercises be good for someone my age

Only do Jokers 3 times over 9 weeks - my biggest regrets was ever publishing them. They are fairly worthless for 99% of lifters.

You need to do assistance for balance. Doesn’t need to be crazy volume or weight.