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No Ass

Been doing full body workouts with free weights at home for a few years now. My back has become very muscular, arms and chest starting to shape up; but my wife says I don’t have a butt. Looking for a good free weight routine or add some exercises to shape up that part of my body.Any advice?

Kettlebag swings!

Ok just kiddin’

In my humble opinion, any move where you bend at the hips will ‘shape up your butt’ ahem build your posterior chain. Deadlift variations, olympic lifts and their variations, even squats. Do a search on this site for posterior chain. :wink:

What have you been doing for your development so far?


They took me from being the ‘buttless wonder’ to filling out my jeans quite nicely. It happened pretty quickly too.

Deep squats.
She’ll love the result.

Stiff-legged deads.

Lunges. Lots of lunges. Walking lunges. Barbell lunges. Dumbbell lunges. Alternating legs or one leg at a time.

Oh yeah, squats and deadlifts help too.

AssToGrass squats, and weighted walking lunges.

Lunges are the best direct workout for your rear.

for the ass, lunges and squats are the best. Deep squats. I’ve also had results from doing tons of back extensions.

When I saw the title of this thread, I thought it was Nephorm lamenting his lack of success with the ladies again…

You could always get ass implants like Darren in Saving Silverman.

Seriously, squats, good mornings, pull-throughs, any posterior chain work will help. Some people naturally have no ass and while you may never be J-Lo, you can improve it by building muscle.

here’s an article for you


squat+deadlift=bigger ass

simple and very effective

Wide stance box squats. Sit back ala westside barbell style when you do them. My ass has gotten huge since I started powerlifting:) I contribute most of the growth to wide stance squatting.

I’m going to mention something different: Sprints

Here you go.



Sooo… a big ass is a good thing?

[quote]Imbrondir wrote:
Sooo… a big ass is a good thing?[/quote]

Isn’t building a voluptuous ghetto booty what we are all here for?

By the way: I second sprinting.

[quote]michael2507 wrote:
Imbrondir wrote:
Sooo… a big ass is a good thing?

Isn’t building a voluptuous ghetto booty what we are all here for?

By the way: I second sprinting.[/quote]

According to my wife, a big ass is NOT a good thing. She calls me “Bubble” butt. You have all the answers to gaining a HUGE ass right in this thread.

All of the above plus step ups-very underrated.

As many here have already said. Squat shoulder width and don’t stop until your hamstrings touch your calves (but don’t bounce at the bottom). I hate admiting to this, but it’s an amusing story at my expense. I was squatting with the aformentioned form and some guy goes up to my training partner and tells him “this guy must have an ass of steel”. Needless to say I wasn’t too happy about some dude saying that and would much rather have had it be one of the gym hotties but either way it gets the point across. Deep squats get the job done.