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No Ass In My Shorts


What's the deal with shorts with no ass in them anymore. I tried on a pair of shorts today, and well the waist felt fine (38's), but there was no ass in them. To my dismay, I tried on a few other brands and finally settled on Bad Boy "Brooklyn" Shorts.

So, America clothing companies have figured out that the average American (atleast white guys) doesn't have an ass.


He really doesn't.


Yea, I'm Irish, with a strong genetic predisposition for no ass. One study showed that the only group with less ass are Inuit.

Good thing that there are squats and deads, or I'd be one bananna backed mofo!


My husband's rear end appeared after just a month of squats & deads. It was good progress. But it's upper-butt, if that makes sense. Still not much meat on the sitting area of the butt cheeks. I should give him some of my butt - I have plenty. I'm quite proud of it. :smiley:


Not sure what you mean by this. All I know about men's shorts is that it's nearly impossible to find ones that aren't baggy and go down to the calves. Forget about ass, apparently American men don't have legs.


Shall I be the first to suggest posting pictures for verification of said statement?


I feel your pain. Ever since I started squating and deadlifting seriously, I've torn 5 pairs of boxers, and my boxers are always too tight on my thighs.



I know this is gonna sound crazy but try buying a larger size.
Boxers are supposed to be loose. That's the whole point of boxers.


Maybe they're making them spcifically for all of the guys who walk around with their pants falling off...

It's actually pretty funny stuff.



Man, boxers are always going to tear on you if you squat or DL.... You're just going to have to buy some tighty whities for lifting.


Or boxer breifs...


Yes. Squat, deads, lots of protein. Squat squat squat squat squat!!


Boxer briefs for the win.


Try the Jockeys brand with the covered waistband. Too cool. Seem to have decent ass room in them too, see, 'cause I have a motherfucking trailer hitched to spot where my thighs and lower back link together.

In all seriousness though, take a look next time you're at the store. Or just go without. Commando isn't so bad at all, really. Lots of freedom. THen comes the time you forgot to zip up after a trip to the john. Good times for everyone involved.


I like the lined running shorts. I get the longer ones (relative to the short-shorts ones) with a lightweight and stretchy material. They work flawlessly, never interfering in any movements.


I can't lift without adequate support for my boys, which you just cannot get with boxers. Otherwise, my balls get pinched between my calves and hamstrings when I go deep. Oh, the curse of heavy balls.

As for the original post, as soon as I put on my shorts, there's plenty of ass in them;) Actually, I haven't had a problem with finding good training shorts (plenty of ass room and not too long). I go with Champion brand, nylon shorts. They're fairly heavy weight nylon (not mesh), but they hold up for years and feel very good.



Not the stretch cotton ones!


Yeah, I wear those now when I do lower body workouts. But I mean, my boxers USED to fit...I tore a couple pairs squating and deadlifting, a pair kicking (long story) and a pair dancing (I got low).

But I agree that shorts and jeans for guys don't have very big seats in them and as a result girls have been commenting on my ass so I guess it's not THAT bad. You'd just think that they could make boxers for "athletic" guys with regular waistbands but with more leg and ass room.



No. Not possible. If they did that you would not have to re-buy boxers as much. Then the boxer short industry would suffer.

For my workouts I use the Under Armour performance boxers. They are expensive, like $20 each, but they are definitely worth it.


IDEA: T-Nation boxers with the various logos on them. They could be made with the athletic male in mind. Comfortably cut boxers for every day usage would be AMAZING.