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No Article Today?


wondering whats up with that?


Read one of the 1000's posted previously. I'm sure you have not read them all.


Seriously dude? Give them a break.


I lol'd


Of course there's an article. It's called "300 And Above" by Dave Tate.
Great read! How'd you miss it?

Oh wait... it's only available to T-members who have 300 and above posts.



thought maybe they were going to announce a special sale or new product.


was there really a reason to jump all butt-hurt on the OP for asking this question?

some of you folks need to chill

sometimes they don't post new articles when they are about to announce something so this was a valid question.




Yeah! Get him!


They can't help it, its the creatinez rage!


I spend 9 and a half interwebz creditz per day to visit this site and expect a daily article!


You may be right, OG.

On the other hand, the OP was acting like we're all OWED a daily article. We get a TON of priceless free articles around here and he's crying about one damned day without one. lol




Absolutely. Besides, I'd take one good article a week over 5 mediocre ones.

Do we really need another one of these?


When I read his original post it didn't come across that way.

I read it more as a "hhmmmm wonder what's up with that, I wonder if something new is coming or some kind of announcement is going to happen."

No tone on here so we all read things and put our own spin on it.

and you can see from his second post that was his intent. He's a level 4 with a low post count which probably means he spends good money on here, but only posts when he has something to say or ask, not just to spend time and hang.

T-Nation doesn't really need someone defending their publishing honor. So many folks are just on the attack these days.

It's the holiday stress isn't it?




Didn't you recently go on a multiple post tirade of personal attacks on some kid and his wife, who you've never met, because he disagreed with your opinion?

Oh that's right, he "fixed" your post, which YOU think is stupid so HE deserved the personal attacks, but in your opinion OP of this thread didn't, so WE shouldn't.

LOL @ your high horse


They should fire Nick Tuminello.



X over 9000!!

I think the concept of bringing out issues of t-mag in regular intervals was better than them cranking out article by article every other day. I am disappoint in their homosex of not letting this experiment go on for longer.

I don't need Dan John telling me that in order to get big, I should maybe lift heavy weights and eat a lot. I don't need an article written out of an angry mood telling me that unilateral exercises suck...