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No Appetite After Training


For some reason, obviously unknown to me, after training I have no appetite. I feel full for the rest of the night and have to force myself to eat. Anyone else experience this and are there any solutions?

I work a rotating schedule 6 on (7a-3p) and 3 off the 6 on (3p-11p) and 3 off then repeat. When I work 7a-3p I get to the gym around 4 and spend about 1.5 hours there. When I work 3p-11p I go to the gym around 9-10 and stay about the same time. I go monday/wednesday/friday. My appetite is usually better on morning workouts, but still not very hungry for about 3-4 hours after.

Any info is appreciated.


I never had an appetite after I ran. Find something salty/sweet/crunchy and eat a moderate amount of it eg: Doritos, Snickers, beef jerky, potato chips, etc. You're hunger will return soon after.

These foods were engineered to make us hungry.


Both the mention of Doritos and Snickers literally caused my mouth to water. I'm obviously well conditioned.


Well, since we've already recommended candy bars and chips, I will go ahead and suggest bong hits.

Monster bong hits.




Rather than come up with solutions for giving you an appetite, I will address the "force myself to eat" angle.

When I was cutting weight for a powerlifting meet, I tried to fill up on some pretty bland food to keep myself full without putting on weight. This boiled down to 1lb of ground beef and 1lb of mixed veggies per meal. It was a chore to eat, so I adopted the same strategy that has been helping many people achieve obesity each year: I distracted myself while I ate. TV, youtube, work, reading, etc, just do something where you aren't focusing on the food, and mindlessly shovel it into your mouth. Soon, your spoon will hit bottom, and then the meal will be over and you can move on with your life.


This actually works great. My only meal that i have any real difficulty eating during the day if im not starving is bonesless skinless baked chicken breast and plain white rice mixed with some hot sauce. Half the time i dont even realize i ate it until its gone if i sit down and watch some TV.

I find that playing videogames or anything you have to use your hand(s) doesnt work as well because you have to make a conscious decision to switch between the game/book/etc and eating.