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No Anastrozole. What to Use Instead?


I am having a problem finding a reliable source for Anastrozole/Arimidex.

That being said, is there another equivalent I can use in it's place and what would the dosage be?
My upcoming cycle is 1 cc x2 a week of Test Cyp and Dbol for first month



Ok, I found some options but let's see what you guys think.

Besides letrozole? I found I can use Nolva for both anti-gyno and PCT.

Given I am using Test Cyp and Dbol during the cycle,

how do you guys feel about using Nolva for both during and PCT care?


don't use Tamoxifen. You need an AI not a SERM. How bout Aromasin?
If you cant secure aromasin or any other AI from even a research chem company, consider drostanolone (Masteron)if your gear source has it.
Be creative


If you can get gear but not an AI, you are not trying anywhere near hard enough.


Why not get some liquidex from a research chem site?