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No Access to T-Cell Alpha?


Hey just a question, how come some people cant post int he T-Cell Alpha room? i tried and it denied my access.


You don't know the secret handshake.


Biotest sells USB decoder rings in the store.


ahh i see. well they can suck my balls mr. garrison!


PM Prof X


Lurk more






LOL... All in good fun man, all in good fun...


This. Seriously, you need to be invited in order to post in the Cell (and the War room).

For the Cell, the requirements are pretty much that you have a passion for pumping iron, a respect for the forum, and a hunger for progress. It doesn't hurt if you're developed, as well, but the Cell is mostly around so those of us serious about bodybuilding can ask serious (usually "upper level") questions without having to deal with the riffraff that infests the regular forum.

If you feel you belong there (and, hopefully, your post history shows you do) then PM the Professor, state you case, and see what he has to say. I think Aragorn and Tiribulus are others who can let you in, but I'm not 100% on that.

Most people like to whine about not being in the Cell, but few actually ask to be let in. You can pay your dues in the regular forums for a little while more and cross your fingers for someone to notice you, or you can be proactive about it. You rarely get a job unless you fill out an application, ya know?

The War Room requires you to be a veteran or current member of some branch of the armed services.


stan marsh* get it right


i think thats a smart thing too, and if they dont let me, ill know why cuz i am a beginner when it comes to PLing, though i have really exploded i guess you say, putting 200 plus pounds on my DL by hard work and good form in a year.




Pay your dues, in the gym and in the forums.

I never thought for a minute I would someone would invite me to Alpha, so I just knuckled down for the better part of a year and focused on making real, tangible progress. Lo and behold, once I had made said progress and demonstrated I had at least a vague idea of what I was about, I got an invite.

The people busy whining about Alpha are precisely the type of people we don't want in there. If you can't figure out basic shit by yourself, why on earth would we want to listen to what you have to say?

Easily 90% of the topics on the front pages of Bodybuilding belong in the Beginner forum. Or better yet, they use the search function and find out that we don't need another topic on x subject when it's already had half a dozen different threads about it in the last month.

I wish BB forum policed itself as well as Alpha or the Steroid forum does. There'd be far more useful information (i.e. actual NEWS about bodybuilding) and less bullshit all round.


damn you, i had randy in my head too, now i sound like a jackass...sigh, oh well, ha


Post in Strength sports?

There's a lot of good stuff there.


hahahah. He can join the club. We'll call it the McCarthy cell.


Shit, if Live made it in, anything goes.


Yup, I can let people in as can Tirib. And yes, the point of the Alpha Cell is basically that---you are absolutely committed to getting as big and/or strong as humanly possible, and you're ok with AAS use. Experience is very preferred, but the most fundamental idea is that you are NOT going for a) "functional" strength b) Brad Pitt in fight club c) "just never able to lose those last 10 lbs" d) "just don't have the time to work out as much as you should" d) hate or disrespect bodybuilding or powerlifting in favor of being "male model-esque" e) inexperienced in that you don't know how to train or how your body responds to stress (for the most part---we can all keep learning) f) unwilling to listen to advice and/or criticism and reactionary about anyone who tries to tell you something may be wrong g) any variation or combination of the above.

Basically it's a brotherhood of people going after excellence and not wanting to settle for anything less than outstanding. People don't under any circumstances want to be "normal" or average. Like the old "Brotherhood of Iron" thread used to be--a haven from trolls and fitness geeks.

Yeah, not everyone in there is developed, but they're all very serious. And they have the combination of a) time spent on the T-Nation forums since joining b) post history and c) hopefully real world experience to show they're not stupid or a troll. I've let a number of people in, but in recent months I haven't spent as much time here looking for potential additions as the Prof has, or probably as I should have. Life's been a bit crazy lately.


Well, I basically tick all the boxes but this one. I don't give a fuck who does and doesn't use AAS, but I'm not for them personally or professionally. I don't get preachy about AAS use, but if someone on either side of the fence (pro or con) makes some naive dipshit comment about them I won't hold back.

Steroid discussion shouldn't be a line in the sand, but people just tend to be very black and white about it and either absolutely condemn it from a basis of little understanding or get insanely defensive about it.

Does my attitude to AAS mean I'm not serious about gaining mass? Bullshit to that. My life is exercise, for myself and the people I work with.

If my position excludes me from possible future invite into the T-cell, so be it.


This is probably the attitude they are referring too...

A fair amount of people on BODY BUILDING forums, when shown a picture of a well developed TOP LEVEL BODY BUILDER will react with "ZOMG! So mcuh sterrroyyyds he will have a hart explozion!" or "Its all in the steroids" ... That or blatantly false, misleading, unfounded claims of them in terms or health risks.

Those are the kind of comments that are not tolerated in the cell.